Using BomeBox with Midihub

I recently purchased a Bomebox mostly to use for Network MIDI, but as I needed DIN ports, I purchased a Blokas Midihub to not only add those, but to use it for generative sequencing by scripting visually. It works well for me.

The BomeBox sees the Midihub, but I am not able to connect to the Midihub Editor. I’m using a Windows 10 system with the Bome Network and have enabled Remote Direct Midi. I also see them in Virtual Midi Ports. Could someone please explain how to best configure the two so that 1) I can work with the DIN ports on the MidiHub 2) work with the Midihub (I see multiple ports from it MidiHub - <serial number?>l [1,2,3,4].) which is connected to a hub connected to the BomeBox USB host port? Do I need additional software? I’m new to MIDI so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi, and welcome to the Bome community!

I’m not sure the MidiHub uses a MIDI interface to connect to the MidiHub editor. I believe you would need to connect directly to your computer to use the MIDIHub editor and once programmed, hook it back to the BomeBox host port. You could check with the community to see if there is a way to work via MIDI commands with a MidiHub remotely.

The MidiHub exposes the DIN ports as USB to BomeBox so if you set routing in your MidiHub editor to send DIN to USB and USB to DIN, then everything should work OK. You would route MIDI to USB on BomeBox and let the MidHub do the routing to and from the associated DIN port.

For static MIDI routing, you do not need additional software. In BomeBox you would just set the routes you want. For dynamic routing and MIDI translator, you would need to purchase Bome MIDI Translator Pro. The way it works is you would hook your MIDHub directly to your computer and use Bome MIDI Translator to do the necessary routing and/or translations. Once done, you upload the Bome MIDI Translator Pro project file to your BomeBox and run the project there. Typically you set up aliases while working on the computer and then just reassign the aliases once running on BomeBox. Of course you would then also move your MidiHub from the computer to the BomeBox USB host port for running it.

So to summarize:

Bome MIDI Translator Project Development and MidiHub programming (through MidiHub Editor) are done with direct connection to your PC. On your PC, you would connect to the MidHub USB ports (after setting your MidHub to route to and from your MidHub DIN ports).

Once programming is done, you move everything to BomeBox where you could now work without needing a computer.

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