Using Mackie Protocol with Cubase

How can we use this to integrate with Cubase Pro? I have a monogram CC and I would like to be able to use its faders, knobs and the orbiter as a Mackie Controller inside Cubase. Is there a list of Mackie commands that we can use to translate the MIDI CC coming out of the monogram into ?

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Premiere Pro has limited support of Mackie MCU protocol.
Faders, mutes, solo, select and pan. Maybe transport but I don’t remember. This tutorial was done several years ago when I had an active Premiere Pro license.

Here is a link to the manual. All of the MIDI messages the Mackie MCU supports are toward the end but again, Premiere Pro is a subset of this.

Cubase support is much more robust but every DAW vendor seems to implement it a bit differently.

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