Using MIDI commands to select rules in the BomeBox

Regarding my original question via Email:

Can a translation rule be selected via MIDI input? I want to dynamically select an active translation by sending a MIDI command to the BomeBox.

Here is the use case:
I have three MIDI controllers and I select the MIDI transmit channel between songs (live performance) to select which sound it will play. I am looking at a new product that can transmit MIDI as you transition from song to song in a set list. I would like to use the MIDI Translator to map a constant channel on the keyboard controller to the channel needed for the song. This must be accomplished via a MIDI message to the translator. Is this type of feature available in the MIDI Translator?

Yes, this can be done with Bome MIDI Translator Pro. You would use a translator to change a global variable. The global variable you change would be used as the MIDI channel. Care would need to be taken to ensure no hung notes (Note-On without Note-Off) before changing MIDI channels.

So essentially you would have translators for the note messages using the global variable and a translator that could be from a different control and/or device to change the global variable.

After testing with a Mac or PC, you could then upload the project file to BomeBox for execution without the need of a computer. In addition to purchasing BomeBox, you would need the purchased version of Bome MIDI Translator Pro,

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I appreciate you taking the time to research and answer my question. I"m looking forward trying this out.


This tutorial should help. You would develop the application on PC or Mac using MT Pro and then upload it to BomeBox if you want to use it without a computer.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: