Using Midi Translator Pro just as 9 virtual midi cables between 2 programs

Hi, because I experience some performance troubles with free virtual midi cables, I'm searching for a alternative. I downloaded the trial version of Midi Translator Pro and looked to some videos to try to understand the software. Clearly more sophisticated than the free virtual midi cables!
My question: is there a preset available that makes the Midi Translator Pro software working as 9 virtual cables, I mean that 9 input midi ports are connected with nine output midi ports, without changing any thing in the midi messages? When this works without performance issues Midi Translator Pro could be a good alternative for me for the virtual cables I use until now.

Yes, as long as one end of the the connection is either an application  (not MT Pro) or a device. Simply open the virtual MIDI ports (or devices) that you want, and draw lines between them to route the data from left to right. In the below example there are applications on both left and right but they could be devices as well.  You can also route 1 to many (split) or many 2 one (merge).


Steve Caldwell
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Thanks for your quick answer. This works indeed.