Using multiple Akai APC Minis with grandMA2

Hey guys! I’m new to Bome and fairly new to midi. I want to midi map multiple Akai APC Minis to grandMA2 to control lights. I am able to connect one APC Mini to grandMA2 and map it using Bome but if I try to map a second one grandMA2 will think that fader 1 on the second controller, for example, is fader 1 on the first controller and vice versa. I need them to be mapped independently. As of right now I believe I’m sending the same exact midi message from both faders despite having the channel of the second APC Mini changed to channel 2 instead of channel 1 like the first APC Mini. Can someone help me get this working properly?

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

The below project file should do what you need. In order to reduce the number of translators, I use raw MIDI and rules to cover all 3 byte message type.

There are 4 presets each routing to and from different devices.

The translator in the first preset handles sending from your first APC-MINI to GrandMA1. Faders are converted to notes in the upper range because GrandMA2 does not understand CC messages. No other conversion.

The translator in the second preset handles sending from yoursecond APC-MINI to GrandMA1. Again faders are converted to notes in the upper range No other conversion. In addition we convert all MIDI CH 1 message to MIDI CH 2.

The third and forth presets to the reverse conversion and also block CC messages as I found sending CC messages to an APC-MINI can actually crash the device.

I set up aliases for everything as this makes a project file more portal and easier to manager.

You can learn about aliases from this tutorial.

Also device routing is handled at the preset level. You can learn about this from this tutorial.

Note, the APC-MINI’s might assign themselves differently each time they are plugged in. You can either physically move them to the position you want or use MIDI alias assignment to reassign them.

Here is how my aliases are assigned. Yours may

be different. Just Make sure GrandMA 2 has the correct virtual port selected.
2-APC-MINI-GMA2.bmtp (2.5 KB)

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