Using one rule to determine another

What I'm trying to do is this:

I've used a rule to change pitchbend to control expression, and I've currently set it so that it's default is value 80.
The idea is that when I use the pitch bend, there are times when I want the value to remain at its instantaneous value, so releasing the pitchbend wheel doesn't return the expresson back to 80.

Currently I've programmed it so that when in the default position, the pitchbend wheel (through a rule) sets the expression (cc11 to value 80), with a range of 0 to 127.

What I want to do is to tell BOME to ignore any pitchbend data if I press a button on my keyboard ( that sends CC16, value 127). If CC16 has a value 0, then the pitchbend data should be processed

Is this sort of thing possible?


To do this set up a translator that sets a global variable to 1 when CC16 is pressed and to 0 when CC16 is released. Lets say "ga".

Then in your current translator.Put this at the beginning of the rules.

if ga==1 then exit rules, skip outgoing action.

Note that if you have any MIDI thru routes set you may also need to add a translator with input of pitch bend out output as NONE since when you exit without executing an outgoing action, swallow will not work.


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