Using Trackball Mouse in GrandMa2 onPC

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I would like to integrate a Trackball Mouse in my GrandMa2 OnPC. I think, the Trackball should be usable by sending A MIDI Message to activate the Position tracking. But I would also like to integrate the scroll wheel as an endless encoder and the mouse buttons to change its functions. Is there a way to capture Mouse functions and translate it into MIDI?

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At this time, Bome MIDI Translator Pro does not have the capability of incoming mouse actions natively. I ran into this a few years ago and created a program that I call “MIDIBuddy” however that might help. This program works on Windows only and converts mouse actions to MIDI and send the MIDI to Bome MIDI Translator Pro (as a helper). At that point, Bome MIDI Translator Pro can translate the incoming MIDI from MIDIBuddy to any outgoing action that Bome MIDI Translator Pro supports. If interested, PM me or email me and I can help from there. Here are more details and a short demo video.

Note that MIDIBuddy is not a Bome Product, just something I created as a helper on my Windows PC.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Yes that looks like the perfect solution for my Problem. I will fill out the contact Formular to buy a license soon, thanks!

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