Using XY pad midi to control mouse movement

I tried to use the mouse template provided with the tutorial but when it loads I’m unable to make any changes to it.


I basically want to use and XY controller as a mouse trackpad. I’m really a noob at MTpro so I could use a bit of assistance here. Is there a quick and easy way to map a cc to left/right movement and another cc to up/down movement without using the “rules” function? It’s really confusing to me.


Thank you!


I'm sure I can help you. The video you referenced is indeed a more advanced video.

I'm afraid that rules are required for mouse positioning with knobs as a MIDI knob will only move 0-127 and most screens these days have 1920 pixels by 1080. So without rules, you would only be able to move in a small portion of the screen.

With that said, the referenced project file does have the ability to modify based on screen size and the CC's you are using. Maybe if you can tell me your screen dimensions and which CC control horizontal and which CC controls vertical.  If there is a specific manufacturer and model you are using as your X-Y pad, that might also help accellerate things.


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Thanks for the reply.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding how to use the provided project file, but when I open it, I’m unable to click on anything in MTpro. I can’t access and of the menus or translator settings and I have to force quit the program via Task Manager.
Then if I open MTpro again, that same template is there. I can only get back to normal functionality if I open one of my templates (without MTpro running)

As for the midi device I’m attempting to use, it’s an ipad app called Midi Designer Pro, in which I have set up an xy pad on midi channel 5 with the ccs 44 and 45z

I’m using multiple displays (three flatscreen tvs and my laptop monitor) which are all 1920x1080, but I would like to be able to use the xy controller to move between all of them.

Thanks again for your help:)

Hm, what version of MT pro do you have running and on what platform. I'm able to get it to open just fine on my Windows PC. You certainly will be needing to use the Pro version of MIDI Translator.


As far as 3 displays, you would probably want to either use the global display coordinates or have a mechanism via MIDI to switch between displays. Having 3 displays may be a bit odd as they probably will have some dead spots (in between display areas) unless they are all aligned perfectly horizontally or vertically. In either case, we should be able to make it work. The trick will be how far you want to move the mouse with each increment/decrement of your XY controller and how to switch from course tuning (maybe 100-200 pixels per MIDI value) to find tuning (maybe 3-4 pixels per MIDI value).

The first order of business is to get your project file to actually open on your system so you can start working with the project file. If you have hung menus and have to kill with task manager, there is likely something wrong with your installation of MT Pro.


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Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist





This may be closer to what you want.

I used my Samson Conspiracy pad for the incoming CC values (turning the controller sideways).

I've assigned note numbers  (buttons) for fine tuning and switching screens. Each screen has a different presset. I set it up so that when you switch screens, the mouse cursor always moves to the middle of the screen. 

In this example I've set all my screen sizes to the same (In Init Global Variables translator).

If you want each screen to have it's own geometry, you would need to set additional global variables for each screen. Also, if each screen needs to remember its last cursor location, you would need additional global variables for that. Then you could instead of returning to center of screen on switching screens, you could move the mouse to the last known position on that screen.

My XY pad is pretty inaccurate so yours may be too. In that case you might need to adjust the input variables in accordance with your XY pads inaccuracies.


Hopefully you can open this one, but if not, you probably need to re-install MT Pro.



Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist




Thank you! I will try this later this evening.

OK, let me know

I’m running version 1.8.4 build 962 of MTpro on windows 10.

I’m still getting hung menus when I open your project file. Can you please instruct me on how to safely uninstall and reinstall?


Ok, so I tried reinstalling MTpro but I still cannot open the file. Any suggestions?

Hi, Try de-install it using the Windows Application Manager.

Then delete everything in the path:


Then try re-installing.




It worked! Thanks again. The only problem, like you said, is that it’s not very smooth. I’m going to have a look at the video tutorial and see if I can tune it up a bit!

Great. Yes my Sampson Conspiracy XY pad is pretty useless. I hope yours is more accurate. I have trouble with the accuracy mostly around the edges of my XY pad.

It may be difficult to reliably scale a 128 step CC MIDI control to a 1920 pixel monitor.