UTrack 24 U Remote software link over ethernet prob?

Hi All, think im heading for a crash course in networking here so please bear with me as this side is fairly new.
Ok i use and have setup wirless remote control using an app called URemote when my utrack 24 is connected to a router with an ethernet cable / RJ45. One twist used to be that the router should be switched on first? but it worked on a couple routers.
The problem I am having now is I was hoping bomebox would replace this router but I cant get the remote app to connect to bomebox Only settings change was to ethernet where I tried setting it up as a master , no intention of having more than 1 for the time being. Am I missing something?

Wifi connects and router settings are the same. This app will trigger the whole show via a midi file per multitrack in real time. (fun times ahead) bome network for ipad is going to be icing on this cake. Thanks Bobby


BomeBox acts like a generic wireless router for all but MIDI traffic but allows for MIDI routing (and with MT Pro, manipulation) internally. It should work fine as a replacement router, however you might need to attach your UTrack 24 router to a supported platform on the same network as your URemote.

It appears that there is an audio, MADI and ADAT driver for the UTrack 24 for OSC Mac and Windows which means you will still need to attach your UTrack 24 to one of those platforms.

BomeBox does not have an audio driver, however as I said, should pass through audio network traffic like any other network traffic like any other router.

Set your ethernet as a master and WiFi as an access point and you should be able to have all traffic seen on the same network.

If you still need access to the internet at the same time, you will still need to connect the ethernet to one of the main router LAN ports and then set ethernet as a client and WiFi as an access point on your Bome Box. Then anything on the LAN will all be on the same network as assigned by your main router via DHCP.

I hope this helps!

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Hi SteveC, thanks for quick reply, yeh utrack is stand alone, 24 audio .wav tracks straight from protools plus a midi file on a drive. no drivers/ computers or the like required on stage. Just the control software I cant get to connect. app (uremote) via wifi to router connected to utrack 24 via ethernet cable. no internet required and later midi from din to boombox over wifi to ipad to triger lyrics per track as well as controll axe fx , helix and lights. I think I have tried ethernet master and wifi hotspot. I tried both ethernet ports too? its a strange one.

What do you mean by not getting it to connect? Do you see any MIDI ports on your BomeBox? Can you connect to your BomeBox via a web browser either through ethernet (computer) or WiFi (mobile device)?

Is any network traffic happening?

Please outline exactly how you are trying to connect and what you expect for each stage and when it doesn’t look right. Before you can even try U-Remote you must ensure you have an established network connection.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

You probably also need to set your UTrack 24 as DHCP client and not fixed IP address.

Hi Steve, I think I understand what you are saying but Ill try and be clearer.
As with a couple of routers in the past, I have only ever had to connect an RJ45 cable between Utrack24 and a 4port router to be able to use the uremote app on android. logging into the wifi on the 4port router was all that was required. I am looking to only use the bome box in my local network/stage.
Using the bome box “standalone” to replace the router and connecting the RJ45 cable as normal here is what happens.
1 I connect to the bomebox wifi by loging into it with no internet ,as expected, but the U remote app cannot connect to Utrack to remote control it.
2 if I connect a second rj45to the other bomebox $J45 port and its other end to my home router and log in to its wifi, the app “sees” and connects to the Utrack24 so there seems to be a communication prob between the bome box wifi and ethernet port language? ( I have no knowledge of this language for want of a better word) Rather than join an existing ethernet network I was hoping the bome box would do that out of the box. I have not setup any routs or have the ability to check midi flow as yet.
I have screenshots of the connections etc and Utrack is setup with DHCP enabled.
Hope this is a little clearer.
Im only a guitarist that makes stuff.



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Hi, You probably have the ethernet set up as a client. If you set up ethernet as master and WiFi as a hotspot, it should work. As a client or fixed IP on ethernet, no DHCP protocol is started so your UTrack 24U will not get assigned an IP address.

Connect your UTrack 24U to the either ethernet port on the BomeBox and then connect your U24 remote software to the SSID of your BomeBox WiFi and it should also get assigned an IP Address on the same network.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Its working, checked ethernet was still master but had been trying different settings , SSID set to Access point

Like HotSpot, but connects WiFi clients to the Ethernet network and lets them use the Ethernet DHCP.

Its working :slight_smile: will set it to access point as you sugest. happy days lol Ive a lot to learn, how should midi ports look btw lol

update ,tried ssid hotspot, only access point allows remote software to work. it will trigger the playback of midi, so some multichannel midi files to make and test tonight.
Thank you for your help SteveC :slight_smile:

OK, let me know if there is anything else you need. I’m glad it is working. Just a matter of getting the network settings right so that DHCP assigned addresses to everything and that WiFi and Wireless were on the same network.

If you are using with Bome Network on a computer, it is important to only allow wireless or ethernet connection using Bome Network only.

As far as MIDI, it doesn’t appear that the UTrack 24 or U Remote uses MIDI (as far as I can tell). It looks like it must have it’s own network control protocol so BomeBox just passes through the traffic as it should.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Hi Stevie, yeh the Utrack plays back a single midi file as part of a multitrack. As well as 24 individual wav file outputs a prerecorded midi file outputs from its 5pin din. No computers required after post production which contain the 16 channel note and cc values for all the stuff.