V-POT turns from min to max (Tips & Tricks)

Hi everyone! I have an Xtouch Mini working as a team with a BCF2k and a Stream deck XL.
One thing I hate from V-POT was than I have to do so many turns for go from Min to Max for example in PANS or PLUGIN PARAMETER. Here is the trick:

Example for VPOT-1

RULE: qq=pp+03 (this number can change, try 1 by 1, here you can adjust the speed)

I hope this will help someone

Hi, thanks for this. The issue will be although the outgoing amount will be 3 above the incoming amount, the movement amount will still be only 1.

It is probably best to use a multiplier instead of an adder.

For negative movement, you will also need to strip out the 0x40 bit before applying the multiplier and then add it back in at the end.

// multiplier
// positive movement
if pp<0x40 then pp=pp*qq
// negative movement
// remove 0x40 (Decimal 64)
if pp>0x40 then tt=pp-0x40
// apply multiplier
if pp>0x40 then tt=tt*qq
// add 0x40 back in
if pp>0x40 then pp=0x40+tt

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thanks Steve! Not sure why but pp+03 works well for me, I saw in the log file, when I turn the knob slowly it add 01 and when I turn fast, It add for example 05. But I will try the multiplier option, always its good have differents options!.

Thank you very much!

Yes, it is possible that the V-POTs have their own acceleration feature which will not really be affected much by your rules. It is also possible to use a button to change the multiplier so that you can have course and fine tuning adjustments by pushing and releasing a button while turning the V-POT.

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Wow that button option sound great! Now Im having problems, because for example in plugins like Burnley73 or ratios in a 1176 kind, the knob doesn’t select all options. Which rule will help for do that button? I really appreciate your help.

The attached uses a press and hold of the layer A button to disable Bome acceleration. Release it to re-enable acceleration.

VPOT-Acc.bmtp (2.0 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

wow thank you very much!

Today I tested the VPOT-Acc and works great! I added this button to the stream deck and change the speed from Xtouch Mini and BCF2k vpots , Im so happy jajaja Thank very much!

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