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I am guessing the answer is somewhere in the manual, but I'm sure you'll know the answer. If it is, sorry for the inconvenience.

I have a translator in an always on preset, that changes presets based on a program change from my controller. So I have it set up in outgoing, so that the preset is selected based on the preset number. There are a bunch of if statements which assign the appropriate number to a variable, which gets used in the outgoing preset selection. OK, that works. However, it seems that I can't hard code a number for the preset. It is assigned by Bome.

So I thought, well you can select presets by name, so maybe I can create a string variable to hold the name of the preset. That doesn't seem to work either.

Do I have a point? Oh yeah..... :) If I delete a preset, then that throws the numbering off and I have to go and recode the logic to assign the correct preset number to the variable.

You have a way around this? The only other option I can think of would be to create a translator for each preset and use the preset name. That means an additional 14 translators which have to be maintained.

Any ideas?




Variables in MT Pro are only 32 bit signed intergers so you cannot assign a variable a name.

What I generally do is put all the presets I want to change numerically in a given order and keep them in that order.  Then I assign an offset to where the start of the numbered presets are. Then I select the preset by number.

For instance. Say the first 2 presets (0 and 1) are not part of the numbered preset scheme.  Then I assign a global variable an offset of 2 and then in rules, I select by preset number but always offset the selected preset by 2.  So say I have presets 2-16 as my numbered preset.  I would set variable ga to 2 and in rules:

// pp is the preset number I want to set

// Lets say 4 for this exampe


// Apply offset


// Now I can enable or disable preset pp


Again, as long as i put my numbered presets that I want to manage all together and assign an offset I don't have to mess with anything.  Say I added another preset in front of the numbered presets that I want to manage. Then I set ga=4 and then can add the new preset and I'm done.


I usually create an "Init" preset and translators that set all global variables at project open. That way I have one place to see what global variables I have assigned and their purpose.


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Thanks Steve,

Much less maintenance with the offset.


Yes, glad to have helped!