Video Tutorial: IR Remote Control using a MIDI Controller

Hi, we are happy to announce a two part tutorial to show you how to use a MIDI Controller to work as an IR remote controller. So you can control pretty much any device which has an infrared remote -- using MIDI!

Part 1: How to build the solution with Bome MIDI Translator Pro:

Part 2: Put the solution on the BomeBox:

The MIDI Translator project file from the tutorial is attached below.

Hex Loader for Mac: - Use ATMega328p as device type Hex Loader for PC: - Use ATMega328 as device type

Bome Hex Code Download (.hex file): - File name irdroino_remote.ino.standard.hex

Irdroino alternative 1:
optional enclosure, something like this will work:

Irdroino alternative 2 (with half-height enclosure):


Steps (see tutorials for full explanation):

  1. Download Hex Code
  2. Download Hex Loader Program (based on current OS platform)
  3. Use Hex Loader to load Hex Code into Arduino
  4. Open / Create Bome MT Project File
  5. Learn MIDI Codes using MT Pro


For running on BomeBox:

  1. Connect USB hub to BomeBox
  2. Connect MIDI Controller to USB hub
  3. Connect Irdroino to USB hub
  4. Upload Project File to BomeBox and select it
  5. Check web config pages: MIDI Ports and Serial Ports


Announcement Post only. Not really a question.