virtual graphical Midi Controller

hey there!
does anyone have an idea? i am looking for a software for mac osx or windows, to build/program an own graphical user interface that acts as a midi controller. there are plenty of android apps and such like touchDAW or touchOSC, but for windows? I have a badass 10-finger touchscreen (Asus ZenScreen) :slightly_smiling_face:

it’s about controlling audio stuff in the studio. an Idea would be: a little bit similar to the cubase ipad remote ( making a quick button selection to select the audio track you want to work on, and then make adjustments. i’m thinking, it shouldn’t be so hard to be able to design it myself?
cubase has a undocumented feature where you can build your own graphical midi device somehow, but i couldn’t figure it out :slight_smile:
does anyone know sth like that?
cheers henrik

Try Microsoft Visual Studio or AutoHotKey. Most of my requests are the other way around, get an external controller to control an onscreen GUI.

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ok yeah i will try, thanks!!