virtual midi to make xone 4d look like a Ddj sz

Hi guys I'm new to Bome and I'm trying to map my xone 4d to rekordbox. I have been able to copy some script from a DDJ RZX script to get colour fx parameters working that were not mappable in reakordbox. But I want to get the on off buttons for the colour fx to work. These are locked scrips from pioneer and as such have RO in the script which apparently means they are not mappable by pioneer. So I bout Bome hoping I could somehow trick rekordbox into thinking my 4D was a pioneer controller. Does anyone know how I would do so please


I've noticed that with Pioneer, they sometimes use USB outside of MIDI functions (as some sort of other USB endpoint).  I'm not sure it is possible, however with that said, there is a lot of documentation on how Pioneer implements MIDI on many of their controllers.  Have you found a MIDI implementation guide for the DDJ RZX?

If so, you would need to look at that and compare with your Xone 4D to set up translators for your Xone 4D to emulate the DDJ RZX. 

Keep in mind however the my experience with an actual Pioneer DDJ-SB3, there are some documented MIDI functions that don't alway s behave as I expect on the Pioneer Device so I suspect their controllers have some of their own internal use of some of the buttons.  The only thing I could not get working on my DDJ-SB3 is the lighting the Deck3 Deck4 LED's and some of the 8 pads have their own mind on what they do in addition to sending MIDI messages.


So in summary.

1) Find the MIDI implementation document on your Pioneer Controller

2) Find the Xone MIDI impementaton  documentation

3) Write translators in Bome to convert incoming MIDI from what the Xone sends to what the Pioneer sends.

4) Repeat translators for return path for light lights on the Xone from your application.

For steps 3 and 4 above. Anything that does not need conversion, you can just set up a MIDI thru path in MT Pro.

In summary there is likely a fair amount of work that will need to be done here to make your Xone look like a Pioneer. Anything that is done by Pioneer outside of MIDI will likely not work on your Xone.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist