Virtual port confusion

Have myself confused. I’m using Translator Pro to send slide changes to Powerpoint. Works great. Would like to to utilize more midi input. Can I have input from more than one virtual port output to one virtual out port?


I’m not exactly sure what you mean but I believe if you mean taking the input of multiple virtual ports and sending the output to a single virtual port, then yes. This would be a MIDI merge function.

If you mean taking input from 1 virtual port and sending to more than one virtual port then yes, this is a MIDI split function.

For the first situation, if the each device has different triggers for the same output function, you would need individual translators to handle the differences.

Now if you mean routing Bome Virtual Port output to Bome Virtual Port input in Bome MIDI translator, then no. A Bome MIDI Translator Virtual port only works if one end of the virtual port is MT Pro and the other end of the virtual port is non-MT Pro. Typically I use global variables and timers for this type of thing. You could also use third party MIDI pipes, however great care must be taken to prevent MIDI loops which can overwhelm and freeze the system.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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