Virtual Ports working with Reaper, but not other software

I am trying to use Bome Virtual Ins/Outs to stream MIDI from different programs.

I can fire up Reaper and see the messages coming through, recorded some program changes, route them back into Bome, and I can see the messages coming back on the log window, great!

When I launch Ableton and Maschine (standalone) however I am unable to get any MIDI from the ports, messages don't show up on Ableton (the indicator doesn't blink) and for Maschine I'm unable to tick the box that will enable the input in the preferences. HOWEVER I can make a pattern in Maschine and send MIDI OUT into Bome using a virtual port, just can't receive MIDI.

Is it because Reaper is using the ports that I can't use them elsewhere? This seems countrary to the point of having Bome right? Shouldn't the point of virtual ports be that I can pass MIDI back and forth across my PC?

OK I just did some troubleshooting and now I've observed that only one application can use one virtual port at a time it seems.

Shut down Reaper, and was able to select the ports in Ableton/Maschine respectively but not able to select more than one port per application.

Is this how Bome should work or is this a fault/bug of some kind?


On Windows, only one MIDI port of any kind can be accessed at a time (virtual or otherwise).  Use Bome MIDI Translator to access the real port and then route your input and output to a Bome Virtual Port for the Application. If multiple applications need to access the controller, you can use additional virtual ports (one for each application) and then split and merge the MIDI messages from and to your controller to the various applications involved.


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Ah now that makes a lot of sense, I’m self taught on all things MIDI so thanks for the info about Windows’ limitations.

At least I already have Bome to hand and now I can use the virtual ports to multiply In/Outs. :slight_smile: