Voicemeeter feedback

Hi guys im back how you all doing
Got a bit of a cooding question
at this moment i got its set up like this
“90007f in
if ai==1 then pp=1
if ai==0 then pp=0
9000pp out
port to apc is back to midi bord” this is led control

midi controll to voicemeeter is direct so
90007f in
90007f out

it works great
but now with the new feedback feature
it sends back midi as well but it has a built-in toggle
so it sends back via bmt4 port
in 90007F
second press
in 900000
same out
to port apc
led works if none of the other
translators are conected but if they are then it has strange behavior need to do dubble press and some time single press so hope you see my problem

Hi, if you are using an APC40 it might be set to toggle. Look at the incoming message to see if when you press the button each time it sends the same message or has built in toggle. If it is APC20, APC40 or APC40MkII I can show you how to change them to momentary which is what you will want for sending to Voicemeeter.

Also “ai” is not a proper variable. Global variables start with g-n, y-z

Steve Caldwell
Bome Support

Hi steve it was an excampel
the global variable
but the apc 40 mk2 is in momentary the board is set to mode 2 witch includes all buttons to momentary but the ring leds are still controlled by the board and how it was set is first translator is led controll thats why im using toggle rule on that one on second translator i have set it as a direct on note so one click sends a 90007f and that turns the button on second click send the same note at 7F and that turns the button off.
so with this new feature would men that all my mute buttons and some of the rest that have direct connect to midi input could be toggeled direct in software as well .But as i was saying signal is comming bac to bome via bmt4 as 90007F when Pressed Once and 900000 when pressed second time, All works fine when the other translators are not sett ¨unticked¨ but then i cant use the board
as son as they are ticked it start acting like first click ands second is correct next click not next not then back on track again for 2 clicks then out of sync again i can have the led conntroll working no problem butt the second direct connect then it start

i fixed it it was me i dident specified input port from the bord

Right, you can direct input and output at the project, preset, or translator level. This tutorial explains.
I’m glad you were able to figure it out!

Steve Caldwell

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