Wacom Intuos Pro as XY-Pad in Bitwig (Midi Translator?)

Hello to everyone!

I´d like to use a Wacom Intuos Pro as a replacement for my mouse (better for the hand). Now i thought it could be possible to use it also as XY-Controller in Bitwig Studio...maybe together with Midi Translator. I do not own Midi Translator so maybe someone can give me a hint on how to archieve that?




As far as I can tell, this is emulates more of a HID (mouse type) device and I can't see where it does MIDI. Bome MIDI Translator Pro does not support incoming mouse messages at this time, so I doubt if it will work. Of course you can always download the trial copy of MT Pro and give it a try. The only limitation for running on a computer is that it times out after every 20 minutes at which point you just need to restart it.

Steve Caldwell

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If you are on Windows platform and want to translate mouse movements to MIDI, you can contact me via email about MIDIBuddy.