Want to send presets to all effects devices in my Ableton set

I’m not sure what approach to take, but maybe MIDI Translator can help with this:

  • I have an Ableton Live set with several plugins in each of several tracks.
  • I can select the desired presets for each plugin before starting to play.
  • As I progress through the set, I then want to send different presets to all the plugins (in response to a button press).
  • I would do that several times during a performance.
    How can I build a routine in MIDI Translator to send a string of preset numbers to a whole bunch of plugins in my set? If MT isn’t a solution, what might be?


This might not be what you want to hear but, essentially we would need to have a list of MIDI message that can manually do this and then use timers to sequence through sending each message.

This may be better accomplished by using Max4Live. I would ask Ableton about this.

If you want to use a different lived performance piece of software other than Ableton Live, you might want to look into GigPerformer. It has the concept of Rackspaces, Rackspace variations (which are the same rackspace with variation in plugin settings). It also has the concept of songs and song parts. The idea would be to create a rackspace with your desired instruments, then create variations for the plugin preset settings. Then create songs and song parts to call up the various rackspaces and variations.

I’m not a live performer but have helped people that are us Gig Performer in conjuction with Bome Network to do some pretty amazing things. Of course if you are invested heavily in Ableton Live, it might be quite a chore to get through the Gig Performer learning curve and spend the time setting everything up the way you like it in Gig Performer.

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Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve,
You are right… I didn’t want to hear that. It’s too bare bones… lots of data entry. But I’ll think about it. I may look into M4L, but I suppose that’s a pretty steep learning curve.
Still, it’s quite important to me to be able to do something on this order.