Web Config disappeared

Hi there, I just tried to use the BomeBox for the first time and changed the name via the web config tool. After saving the new name, the web config simply disappeared. I cannot find any help on the page about that. So at the moment I cannot do anything with it. I am lost.

Thanks, Martin


Forgot to mention I tried it via Ethernet cable on a Macbook Pro 2018 (Mojave) with a Ethernet to USB-C Adapter. It worked in the beginning, but not anymore. Via Wifi I can see the Web Config panel again, but I want to connect Ableton Live on this machine via Ethernet (60 meters cable) to some dadamachine automats (https://dadamachines.com/products/automat-toolkit/).

Hi, By default your WiFi will be configured as a DHCP host but your Ethernet will be configured as a client. It probably worked before because in an environment where you directly connect with a computer (peer to peer) it goes into a different mode (APIPA).


Once your computer is on the internet via WiFi, you need to either configure your Mac to act as a DHCP server to your BomeBox or set up a valid unused IP address on your BomeBox. Alternately, you can set up your BomeBox WiFi as a DHCP client to access the same hotspot that your computer is connected to.

Essentially your BomeBox needs to be on the same network as your computer to connect to it. I believe there also a way to connect to it on a different network, however your router will need to be provided with network routing information in order to find the right network and connect.



Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
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Hi Steve, thanks a lot for the quick reply. I already figured that out what you have said, but just to a certain degree. I still having problems to make it work in a proper way.

When I used the BomeBox as a “Ethernet Master”, my WIFI was not working anymore, so I couldnt go the web. Becasue only one DHCP master is allowed on a network, right? When I turned it off again, it also takes ages to get back my internet WIFI connection. Can I use both? My WIFI internet and the BomeBox as a connection to the dadamachines, or is it not possible in that way? Or would it be better to use a fixed IP with the BomeBox or what would you suggest?

I also dont wanna use the home/office internet router with the Bomeboxes. I just need the BomeBoxes as a connection to the dadamachines preferably via Ethernet, via WIFI the latency would be too high, especially working with music. But I would need a internet connection every now and then to go to the web to download things or checking emails.

The situation would be as follows. We are in a theatre space and I am running Ableton Live on a Macbook Pro with USB-C only, to control the music, some lights and the dadamachines (https://dadamachines.com/products/automat-toolkit/). The distances are quite high, around 60 meters, so its only possible to use the Ethernet protocol. Thats the reason why I bought three BomeBoxes. From the Bomebox and can simply use a Midi cable to trigger the dadamachines automat. I tested it, and it worked already with one BomeBox. I also learned that I would have to rename the BomeBoxes if working with more than one … like BomeBox1, BomeBox2, and so on in order to make them work properly. I also have a Netgear Gigabit Switch GS305E in order to run three BomeBoxes parallel from my Macbook by the use of one USB-C connection only … there are only 4 on the Macbook and I need the other USB-C connections for other stuff. But I dont have a clue at the moment, how this works and if it works. I didnt tested it so far. I am also not quite sure yet, if I am able to run the BomeBoxes parallel like explained, or serial, like one after the other. So this would be main situation. When the theatre piece is running, for sure I will deactivate the WIFI anyway. I dont need it when the piece is on going. But I would also like to go to the web in order to download things or checking emails beforehand….maybe via WIFI or could be also the case that I have to use a cable. Those theatre institutions very often dont have WIFI, only a Ethernet cable. But in my studio I am only using WIFI.

One more question …. Connecting the Bomebox to Ethernet: In the top bar menu, do I always have to go to “Connect To” and then click on BomeBox? Is there a way to automate that? I also just realized I would have to got to “Network MIDI” via the WebConfig Tool and confirm it. Is there a faster way to do it?

Thanks a lot and looking forward to your reply, Martin

So you want to “occasionally” access the internet via a bridge from your existing ethernet connection to WiFi and your house modem/gateway as shown in the attached picture?

  1. Set up BomeBox 1 Wireless as a DHCP Client. You will need your House Client SSID and password to set this up (from the ethernet port)
  2. Set up BomeBox1 as an Ethernet Master (default is This will need a different network number (i.e. or at least different than the wireless connection
  3. Setup Bomex2 and 3 as Ethernet Client using DHCP. BomeBox1 will hand out their addresses.
  4. In Advanced Configuration on BomeBox1:

Firewall Screen
lan->wan accept accept accept masquerading checked MSS clamping unchecked
wan->lan accept accept accept masquerading and MSS clamping checked


Note, you are relying on your WiFi (House) host to handle firewall from the internet.
Other hosts within the LAN (your Bome Network connection) will be free to do anything they can on BomeBox

You might not need the switch. You could just daisy chain the BomeBoxes. Put BomeBox1 closest to your WiFi router/gateway.

As far as BomeNetwork MIDI Connections. Once they are connected, they should remember the connections and automatically connect next time. Just make sure when you set it up you always initiate the connection, the way you will want to use it for automatic connection later. For instance if you always want to initiate the connecting from BomeBox 1, do it that way manually the first time.

Note also on BomeBox 1, if you don’t want it always connected to WiFi, you can press the Wifi button on the BomeBox until the light goes out. To re-establish the connection, just push the button again (or use the BomeBox Web interface over the ethernet).


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist




Hi Steve, thanks a lot for the quick answer. That seems more complciated then I thought … lets say I dont need the WIFI connectivity, and just do that manually once a day … so I am basically disconnecting all cables and just use the normal WIFI. Then I deactivate the WIFI again, attach all cables and boxes and go straight into the theatre mode. Would that be the same besides the advanced config?

I tried the serial mode / daisy chain as follows:
Macbook -> USB-C Adapter to Ethernet -> Ethernet Cable -> Netgear Ethernet Switch -> 60 m Ethernet cable -> BomeBox01 ( + to dadamachines via Midi) -> 60 m Ethernet cable -> BomeBox02 ( + to dadamachines via Midi)

I set…
BomeBox01 as Master
BomeBox02 as Client
…and it worked out fine.

But what would be the parallel setting for the BomeBoxes so that I can connect 3 BomeBoxes or more to the Netgear Ethernet Switch? Do I have to use a static IP? Change something in the MacOS settings? So that I can use the Ethernet Switch as a distribution hub …. I might cannot daisy chain them in the theatre, because one dadamachine station is very far away from the other … and maybe they are not even in the same corner or area.

Please let me know. Thanks, Martin

Hi Martin,

I guess I cannot answer your switch question as I’m not familiar with it. Have you checked the user manual or asked Netgear? This is more of a networking question than a BomeBox question.

Hey Steve, now I am confused 🙂 I think you kinda anwered that question already, maybe the term switch is confusing, I dont wanna have a switch, I just wanna use the Ethernet Switch/Hub as a hub … I thought thats what they are made for? Please correct me if I am wrong. I would use them like a USB hub….I then just have to use one USB-C connection from my laptop. I do the same with harddisks and a USB hub. This Ethernet Hub is just there for multiple BomeBoxes attached to it. Does that make sense? I still wanna do the same thing, but not with WIFI or Web involved, just the explained use case with multiple BomeBoxes.

Yeah an ethernet swith is basically just that. Allows you to connect many physicall devices together. I don’t think you will need to do anything if you leave the ethernet switch in it’s default configuration. It will just connect like any DHCP device and pass all messages going in ether direction through.


ok thanks Steve, but how to set up the BomeBoxes then? That was the question 🙂 Thank you, Martin

Just like the picture. BomeBox1 as a master for ethernet and everything else as a client.

ok cool, I think I made it work. I just had some weird MIDI behaviour with two BomeBoxes in parallel mode with the Ethernet Switch in Ableton. Theres was no problem with serial mode / daisy chain and MIDI in Ableton … not quite sure why to be honest. But in parallel mode, when I set “MIDI from” in Ableton to the dedicated BomeBox, it works. If “MIDI from” is set to “All” this strange MIDI behaviuor appears. Do you have any clue why?

So both boxes are set, one is DCHP Master and the other one Client. You think I could get in trouble without a static IP address? Or should I set up static/fixed IP addresses for both boxes? I think the Audio guys from the theatre will also use Ethernet for Audio … as an virual audio interface … its called DVS „Dante-Virtual-Soundcard“. Any experience with that and the BomeBoxes? Please let me know.

Hi, Audio interface is more demanding the MIDI and could be problematic if on the same network. Best to just monitor it closely or put the audio system on a different network or subnet.

Regarding the network switch (parallel mode), this would a function of reading the manual as I’m sure there are many options to optimize its behavior. Regarding setting MIDI to all in Ableton, the issue could be that you are sending MIDI from one BomeBox to another and depending on your MIDI routing, it could be forwarding those messages back out to your PC so essentially could be echoing the message back out and Ableton Live would see them twice (from the original BomeBox) and then later from the other BomeBox or any other MIDI source on the network.

Why it would work better in daisy chain mode, I’m not sure unless you had different MIDI routing in that mode.

Or …,

The basic function of a switch is normally to take incoming packets from one connection and then duplicate them to all other connections (unless you tell it otherwise). You might be bouncing packets back and forth creating a “network storm” in parallel mode. Again, general networking is really beyond the scope of what I can provide here.


ok, thanks a lot Steve, I might figure that out with MIDI

One more question …. related to connect the Bomebox to Ethernet: In the top bar menu, do I always have to go to “Connect To” and then click on BomeBox? Is there a way to automate that? I also just realized I would have to got to “Network MIDI” via the WebConfig Tool and confirm it. Is there a faster way to do it? I mean the confirmation? Maybe these are necessary steps, but doing this all manual each and every day is not as flawless as connecting an audio interface 🙂 Especaially with more than one BomeBox, I have to go to all of them manually.

Thanks a lot, Martin

Once you establish a connection, it should remember and automatically connect the next time it finds the host (unless you disconnected).