What are the limits on USB devices, hubs, and DIN interfaces?

Hi Guys.

I'm building a dual-tier keyboard setup with pedal board. Each of my three levels requires a few USB-A midi ports and a few DIN ports; all ultimately connected to my Bome Box. I'm trying to keep pre-show cabling to a minimum.

Given my setup, is it possible to create a single-wire connection from tier to tier? (I mean without purchasing more Bome Boxes. ;-) ). For example, can I put a USB hub on each tier and feed them from a master hub without fouling the BomeBox's USB-MIDI porting? (Obviously there is a power restriction... but otherwise?)

I could build this device and add some shielded and buffered I2C jumper cables to solve the DIN problem... but I would still need to address the USB separately. It seems cleaner to build USB distribution (with its phantom power) and convert to DIN wherever necessary.


I can't give you a definitive answer as I believe the USB spec has a maximum number of layers/devices. I've stacked 2 layers with no trouble. Layer 1 as a Master Hub and then a few hubs attached from there. Make sure you use powered USB hubs to ensure enough current. For MIDI DIN, I attach something like this.



Steve Caldwell
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