What happens if I start the same timer repeatedly

I use movement of a fader to send Note On to my APC Mini in order to light a LED. In order to avoid sending multiple note on messages (which seemed to cause MT to freeze sometimes I think), I start a timer each time the fader changes value. When the fader stops moving, the timer ends and that event is used to send a single Note On to the Mini.
This starts the timer many many times if I move the fader through its range. Could this be a problem? Maybe if the same timer is started several times, there’s no harm because the timer is reset as it is restarted each time? I apologize for repeatedly asking about this, but about different aspects of it)


If you start a timer multiple times before it trips, it just restarts the timer with no harm done. Do you use a separate timer for each fader using separate global variables? Is there anywhere that multiple translators could write to the same global variable, thereby causing a race condition?

I don’t think I want to see your whole project for troubleshooting, but if you can duplicate the freeze issues with just one or two faders, perhaps I can help more.

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