What is saved when doing export of settings?

I’ve done an few imports of exported MT settings. This does restore my aliases, which is what I want, but I think doing so may have overwritten some parameters in my presets. I’m not certain about this, but some parts of my project seem to revert to earlier states. It may be my imagination, or maybe I neglected to do a save.
Hopefully you can put my mind to rest by telling me exactly what is restored when importing a bmts file.

Hi Gabriel,

The settings file saves your window position, the parameters you set up in the setting screens but really not anything else. It does not save presets, translators, or rules.

I mostly use it if I want to recover aliases after I deleted them all or to make sure MT Pro starts up in a given position.

Oh and you can open it in an editor to see exactly what is there as it is regular text file.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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