What's the difference between "Port 1" and "Virtual In/Out"?

As mentioned in a previous thread I'm going to use Bome to multiply where my MIDI can go.

I want to use multiple bome ports to duplicate MIDI channels.

EDIT: just to be clear I mean passing MIDI from one Bome port to another without causing feedback

How do I do this?

1. Click record in DAW

2a. MIDI Controller > translations > BMT1 > Application

2b. (translations)BMT1 > BMT2 > DAW

3. Resend MIDI to Application from DAW > BMT1 in post.

Hi, Bome Virtual MIDI ports cannot be linked together.  On a Bome Virtual Port, one end ups be MT Pro and the other end must be an external device or external application. 

You can use the new add-on feature of Bome Network Pro (Unlimited Virtual Ports) and use those instead. On Mac you can use IAC ports. On PC you can use also use LoopMIDI or LoopBE.


However take great care if you use any of these methods as it is easy to create a MIDI loop which can cause lots of problems.


If not using any of the other solutions I provided, I generall use a combination of global variables and timers to pass parameters from one translator to another.

The sending translator would set one or more global variables in rules and then trigger a one shot timer outgoing action.

The receiving translator would be the timer and read the global variables and then send an outgoing MIDI message.

1. Click record in DAW

2a MIDI controller > translator > BMT1 -> Application

2b MIDI controller > translator (same incoming above) > Set global variables -> Trigger timer

3  Timer -> Translator > Read global variables  > Send whatever MIDI you want.


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