Why Bome does not create a midi controller

Just adding some switches on the Bome Box, some memory banks and extending the Bome internal OS to manage and trigger them.
Because everything is already here in Midi Translator ?
There are no midi controllers of my knowing which include such flexible language based features as Midi Translator + Bome Network.

Hi, this is not an official answer and just speculation.

  1. Right now you can plug any controller into the USB or ethernet port (or over Bome Network) and with an MT Project file loaded, already get any behavior you want. Why reinvent what is already available? There are literally thousands of controller types out there.
  2. Hardware certifications are more complex and expensive than software and Bome is a small company with it’s primary focus on software. With that said, BomeBox is an awesome solution for people that want to run their rigs without a computer. I know that they are actively involved in adding features and improvements to the software (and BomeBox firmware) which is their primary focus.

If you are looking for specific hardware controller functionality, let me know what you are looking for and your budget and I’d be happy to make some personal recommendations.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

@csurieux, yes, that would be awesome!

But Steve is right – at this time, we focus on improvements to our existing products. The various global challenges don’t make things easier, either…

But we may expand on partnerships: a (boutique) manufacturer of MIDI controllers could license the BomeBox main board as an OEM product and build a nice controller around it.

Didn’t expect that answer to be honest, I would love to see Bome move in that direction.

Something like an OEM version of the main board with pin headers instead of connectors would be awesome. Break out a couple unused serial or an SPI connection on the CPU(if there are any left) and you have a winner.

It was cruel of you to post that Florian, now my mind is going nuts with product ideas. :nerd_face:

Thanks. We’ve already sold the board as OEM in low quantities for custom devices. An easy way is to use MIDI-DIN or USB internally to interface with the BomeBox board, then there is no custom firmware necessary.

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Looks at the BomeBox…

Looks at Xone:1d…

That might actually fit, I have like 8 of those so I could butcher one to be a XoneBox( :tm:).


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