Why do Akai APC40 mk2 mouse clicks not work in Maschine software?

I have an Akai APC mk2 mapped to send mouse position clicks to certain areas on my screen.

This MIDI translation is working fine with any other application up on the screen. I can even select icons on my Windows desktop with my APC40 buttons.

However, when I display the Maschine software window, the buttons of my APC40do nothing. The APC40 buttons will not control their assigned mouse clicks while the Maschine software window is open. I have tried every variation of midi in/out settings in Maschine and Bomes MIDI Translator but I cannot figure out why this MIDI translation won't work in Maschine.

This tutorial video shows how easy this should be but I cannot get this to work:


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Quick question. Are you running on Windows or Mac? If Windows, have you tried checking insert mouse events?

Hi Steve,
Thank you for your prompt response.
I am using Windows 10 but I’m not sure what you mean by “checking insert mouse events.”
The thing is, the APC40 is controlling the mouse click translation perfectly when:

  1. I test it by clicking around on my desktop icons
  2. Any other application is open on my screen
  3. Even when Maschine is open but minimized
    It only doesn’t work when the Maschine window is up on my screen.
    I also tested this with my Korg padKontrol and I’m getting the same results, I tried setting up ”inject event” but it still is not responding when I open up the Maschine window.


Are you using multiple monitors? If you are, try putting it on your primary monitor. MT Pro will only send mouse events to the primary monitor.

I noticed that in the Youtube video, he was using Mac. In Windows, some applications do not recognize mouse events as the applications, bypass the Windows drivers and try to handle mouse events themselves. I am not sure if this is the problem with this application or not. Also in Windows there is a capability to “inject” mouse events that may work. It is a check mark in the lower right corner of the outgoing event. You can check the manual for how to use it. (Press F1 within MT Pro)


I assume regular mouse clicks to your Maschine software is working, right?
Is there something in the Maschine software for setting up and recognizing MIDI control devices. If there is, make sure that you do not select the controller you are trying to use with MT Pro or the two applications will conflict with eachother. In Windows only 1 application can access a specific MIDI device. If you want other software to also recognize the device, you need to create a MIDI route in MT Pro to another virtual port and then select that virutual port instead of the original controller hardware. MT Pro must have exclusive control of the actual device.
I also assume you have a valid SW license for Maschine as they do not sell their software separately and I’m not sure it can even be registered unless you have a valid piece of their hardware.

Injecting mouse events did not work for me.
This is definitely a Windows related issue. I was able to get this to work with no issues on my 2010 Macbook Pro. This is a bummer but at least I know I’m not doing anything wrong.
Thanks for all your help.

The APC40 is not being used by any other application. I have made sure to uncheck the APC40 from Maschine’s MIDI IN/OUT preferences.

Glad to help. So I guess that Maschine is one of those applications that use their own Windows management system on Microsoft Windows. They don’t turn up very often, but once in a while we run across one.