Will BomeBox work (with Host as a single input) with my current BMT setup

Good Morning,
I currently have BMT Pro and Ableton Live (12) running on my desktop with 4 devices connected via USB on the host: An MPK249 (Routed to BMT 3), a Squarp Hapax (Routed to BMT6), a Midi Fighter Twister (Routed to BMT 2) and a Streamdeck (BMT 5).

I also have ClyphXpro (script running in Live with BMT1: In and Out) and a Push2 (Not routed via BMT pro but with plugging/unplugging detected in my script).

Please see the attached BMT project file : LPA32.bmtp (206.0 KB).

Please note that BMT 1, BMT2 and BMT3 are assigned to Control Surfaces in Live, which mean the communication is by directional.

I would like to use a Bomebox to connect these devices to the host via Ethernet, mainly for facilitating the switch to another computer (Laptop) without re configuring everything. I would use (export) my BMT Pro setup on the BomeBox.

Now I am worried with one of your statement :

BomeBox current firmware does not detect Direct MIDI ports on the computer, so anything coming from the computer will be seen only on the main network port.

So my questions :

  • How can I overcome the host ‘single port’ limitation ? I thought about specializing each of the control surfaces script to some channels so I am able to process them appropriately, but that would require a lot of changes and I am not sure it would resolve any potential conflict.
    Is there any other solution ?
  • More generally speaking, will my setup (quite a big project) run on a BomeBox without difficulties?

Thanks for your support.
Have a good day.

For now you would either need to run your project on your computer using Remote Direct MIDI as your computer would be able to identify the ports as separate.

Either that or you could have each device send and receive to a different MIDI channel to a single computer port and then have Ableton Live use the MIDI Channel number to determine where the signal is coming from and should be sent to.

I know there is active work going on regarding Remote Direct MIDI on the BomeBox but am not sure the timing of when it will be released.

The project doesn’t look that big or complicated so it should run fine on BomeBox once the Remote Direct MIDI capability of BomeBox is there.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Thanks Steve for your answer,
I’m afraid a Bomebox is not yet for me as I do need several channels per instrument (The HAPAX uses all 16 channels).
I will stay tuned for the firmware update.

Yes, I suspected as much. Thanks for letting us know!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz