Will Mouse Positions remain the same if I change laptops?

Since I might be replacing or updating my laptop sometime, I'd like to know if the exact cursor position will remain the same on another laptop with the same screen resolution, when using MT mouse commands.



I believe it will if it is the same resolution (number of pixels X and Y). What I don’t know is that if you have two monitors how it determines which monitor to display. I would think it would assume the primary display but I d0n’t know for sure. Did you search for this question on the old forum? Maybe it has already been answered there.


Hi Steve,
I use two screens only while developing the MT code. One screen is enough while performing (I like to play ”by ear” rather than by looking at the screen. Anyway, I was never able to get the cursor over to the 2nd screen using MT mouse position. The cursor seemed to get stuck just at the edge of the 2nd screen.
I couldn’t find anything on the old forum It seems intuitively right to me, also, that everything would work correctly if the screen resolutions were the same.

Yes, I noticed in the old forum however that 2nd monitor is not supported. Personally I don’t try and control the mouse on screen. To me it looks incredibly complex and not very reliable. If I were to try I would probably need to create some sort of midi bridge between BMT and Autohotkey and let Autohotkey do the heavy lifting on handling screen activities. I just haven’t had it high on my priority list to explore further, however I DO use autohotkey for lots of non-midi types of activities. Mostly as a legacy application and startup launch manager. It has a nice GUI interface and is fairly easy to program.

Do you mean, by incredibly complex, that the internal MT software that oversees the cursor location is complex? The new feature of mouse position that allows one to capture the position rather than to calculate it in terms of pixels makes implementation of mouse control not very complex from the user point of view.

What seems unreliable to you?


But in any case, I use MT cursor positioning to do things that are not possible strictly with midi commands. For example, placing the cursor over the detune “spinner” in Ableton Live. Once the cursor is placed, I use a mouse click to engage the spinner, at which point, moving the mouse will control pitch (or detuning, as it’s called in Live).

Can autohotkeys control cursor position?


Well in this case it looks like I don’t know what I’m talking about with MT. I’ve never played with the mouse function but had a hard time understanding the documentation. Guess I will need to play with it more. As far a AutohotKey it can control cursor and lots more. It can detect mouse clicks, keys. Can sense which window it is in, Can activate,deactivate windows. Minimize them. Lots of functionality. Someone even wrote a midi library to use but I simply haven’t had time to play with it. Once I got BMT, I abandoned other solutions since it did pretty much every thing I needed regarding midi. If I want to do windows automation type tasks I use Hotkey. Right now, anything to do with Midi, I use BMT.