Win 10 1909 Blocks Driver Install

Window 10 1909 blocks your driver install (error 14).  Have you applied to Microsoft to have driver certified and the block removed. I have tried your download and one delivered from Orb Composer Pro 1.5.  same error.

I have not seen this specific issue before, however on Windows only one application can access a given MIDI port at a time so you must have an application running that is using a specific driver when you are trying to install a driver.  What ddriver are you trying to install and what MIDI applications are running? Is this related to MT Pro? 

Since it also failes with Orb Composer Pro 1.5, I suspect this is a Windows 10 issue and not related to either MT Pro or Orb Composer.

I also found this link that might help you.


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Thanks for the response Steve,

This specifically applies to Windows 10 1909 18363.720 updated 3/20.

This all started as I bought Ableton Live 10 Suite a year back and recently Orb Composer S 1.5 with your Midi Driver.

Bome Virtual Midi 2.1.044 from Orb Composer would not install with out error they sent me a link to yours.

BMIDI_Driver_2.1.0.44.exe from BOME Site

I tried both and got error 14. With a uninstall in between. So I began looking into driver issues with midi products and yours is just one of many, KORG got blocked as are, Loopbe30 and such.

So in looking for information I came across this article and link to Microsoft\'s position on the need to solve midi driver crashes and driver crashes is general by managing the list themselves and only allowing certified drivers to install.

\"Microsoft has traditionally determined to put an upgrade block in place when it discovers driver compatibility issues. But in the name of improving the upgrade experience for Windows 10 users, the company is implementing a process to allow hardware partners to submit request update blocks until a driver has been validated. After that, the driver can be distributed through Windows Update (WU).

\"If there are known issues for feature update and driver compatibility, partners can request feature update offer block mitigation while a compatible driver update is being validated and posted to WU,\" Microsoft states.

Microsoft clarified that partners can request a temporary Windows Update offer block of between 30 to 60 days \"so that Windows Update will not offer the feature update to devices running a driver version with a known incompatibility\".

\"The offer block will be removed once a partner has posted an updated driver,\" Microsoft explained.\"

** If you have not seen this before its probably because updates are slow to be adopted but its coming.

Thank you in advance for your help on this.


I’ve asked Florian Bomers to step in here and help with an answer. This is not anything I’ve seen or experienced before.

Thanks for the detailed information! And sorry for this problem.
We’ll look into this and get back to you asap.

just a side note: Orb Composer is indeed using the Bome Virtual MIDI driver (“BMIDI”).

we have now run extensive tests on the most recent version of Windows 10.

The good news is that the Bome Virtual MIDI driver ("BMIDI") is fully compatible with Windows 10, version 1909 build 18363.720. Microsoft does not block BMIDI. It is not available via Microsoft Update, either, so the assumed reason why you have trouble installing does not apply.

The flip side of this, however, is that we still do not know why BMIDI gives error 14 during installation. For your information, this error number means that the bus driver could not be installed by Windows. We used to have problems with this when the BMIDI installation files were installed in different folders. But the BMIDI 2 installer always installs in the same place, so this is not the likely cause.

Still, in order to fix such problems, we included an option in the stand-alone BMIDI installer to remove as best as possible any older BMIDI components. For that, check “Force reinstalling...” in the installer. Have you tried that already?

You can find some more information in this thread:

Have you installed Neyrinck, TouchOSC, Maschine, NativeKontrol, or other applications which include the BMIDI driver before? Have you ever tried to manually remove the Bome driver?

Thank you for your patience and willingness to get this working! We will do everything we can to make it work on your computer!
Best regards,