Windows Inject Events Context Aware

Recently I discovered using Inject Events for mouse click actions.
It works very well with some objects in FL Studio that are static, but can’t work with anything that changes its context.

For example, it can click on a previous or next preset arrow buttons. That works fine, but only for that one instance of that one plugin. A different plugin or instance of the same plugin doesn’t work, even though it’s the same object in the same program. Or even toggling focus to another tab within the same window wrapper of the same plugin instance, it doesn’t work.

Another example: It can click on mute/solo buttons on mixer tracks, but only if the respective mixer track is selected first. When that particular mixer track loses focus, the translator breaks. Inject events has no ‘omni’ mode; it’s not context aware. So is the ‘capture’ feature the only way I can target objects? Is there a work around for these things?

Inject Events usually either works or doesn’t. Most depends on the application platform for where you are sending the injected event and whether the individual control that you are attempting to send the event is exposed to the Windows system. I’ve had mixed results here. In some cases, the control is exposed but the control ID changes every time the application is opened. If it works, then that is the best way to go. If not, you will need to rely on using MT Pro version 1.9 to focus the intended application and your mouse to move to the right position of the control for it to work.

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