Windows Support for MIDI over Bluetooth LE

Just read this KVR article concering Windows support for MIDI over Bluetooth LE. I'd love to see this feature in MT Pro.

Bluetooth MIDI Controller Support
As the first Windows DAW to support wireless Bluetooth MIDI controllers natively, Cakewalk CTO Noel Borthwick explains “To deliver seamless connectivity to the next generation of MIDI devices, we’ve adopted Microsoft’s new API standard for using MIDI on Windows as part of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) architecture—which provides a modern, extensible way to communicate with MIDI.”

thanks! I agree 100%, and we have a plan to support BT MIDI in Windows 10 asap… but there are a few other things we need to finish first.
Also see this thread:


Great to hear your confirmation on BT MIDI. Yes, I was very much involved with the thread. I liked what you said ”asap.” Thanks.

I am so glad to see that you are planning to support Bluetooth MIDI in Windows 10!!

Currently to use my Bluetooth MIDI devices on Windows 10, I have to pair and connect them, and then:

  • create a virtual port in Bome MIDI Translator Pro
  • terminate the Bluetooth device connection in a program like MIDI-Berry
  • then inside MIDI-Berry, map the Bluetooth device to the virtual port created in Bome MIDI Translator Pro

Whenever I have Bluetooth glitches (which happens too often), this creates another step for me in troubleshooting.

If Bome MIDI Translator Pro could reliably terminate the Windows Bluetooth device directly without requiring MIDI-Berry, and then present this device it as as MIDI port, it would simplify things greatly.



up :slight_smile:
That would be great !!

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Hello, im very new to Bome midi translator pro, but was waiting for this moment alot)))
Can i hope that midi BLE will work with midi translator pro without using midi berry? cuz as i see that midi berry cant handle 2 bt devices, and i have more… it would be great to have native BLE support in bome midi translator pro for devices like m-vave chocolate footswitches

Hi @hellem,
thanks for bringing this up! This is on our roadmap, but we cannot disclose any specific dates. I’ve just raised the priority, though.

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