Wish: Highlight Icon when Log Window is opened

It would be helpful to highlight the statusbar icon of Bome Midi Translator Pro when the Log Window is opened.

I can imagine adding more colors to the icon, or a red dot… some red detail that indicates that the Log Window is opened, and must be closed asap by the user.


Hi @jordikt ,

I will put your request forward! A assume by status bar you mean in either the Window Tray on Windows or the Status area at the top (don’t remember what it is called) on Mac.

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Hi @SteveC

Sorry, I meant the status bar of Macs, the bar at the top, yes.

Here is a fast sketch of what I mean, with a red dot on the BMTP icon:

Thanks for the clarification!

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Thanks from me, too, for the feature request. But I don’t quite understand what you mean with ‘when the Log Window is opened’. I believe that the Log Window is only open if the user has clicked the respective Log Window button, or selected that function in the menu. Why alert this fact in the menubar icon? Why would you need to close it asap?

I can see much more important thinks that should be alerted to the user, e.g. MIDI device unplugged or some other error occurred…

Or did you mean the ‘Error Window’?

Hi Florian

I confirm you that my wish is to highlight the status bar icon when the Log window is opened/running.

BMTP displays a dialog warning that the Log window can use a lot of processor resources, especially when using rules, so it’s important to use the log window only during the development of presets.

Several times that I have modified the configuration of my presets, it happened to me that I finish the configuration, but I don’t remember to close the Log Window. After some days (or weeks) I open BMTP again to change or check something, and I realize that the Log window has been opened for a lot of days.

So I think that it would be useful to add a new option in Preferences to check/uncheck this feature.

In summary: highlight the icon is useful to remind the user that the Log window is opened and BMTP can be using a lot of processor resources.

Regarding alerting of errors like ‘MIDI device has been plugged/unplugged’ in the icon, it could be very very useful for some users, but very very annoying for others.

In my case, I would like to not be alerted for any of the midi devices I own today (even in the error window).

IMO it would be great that BMTP let the user to configure how and when receiving error warnings, with a custom configuration in Preferences and in every midi device.

I would add a checkbox column called ‘Critical device’ in the midi device list, where user could check every midi device as a ‘critical device’ or uncheck it as a "non-critical device” (checked by default).

Then we could have some options in Preferences (maybe in a new tab called ‘Errors Alert’):

  • Show an alert icon when a critical device is unplugged
  • Launch a notification when a critical device is plugged/unplugged
  • Launch a notification when a non-critical device is plugged/unplugged
  • Open the Error Window when a critical device is plugged/unplugged
  • Open the Error Window when a non-critical device is plugged/unplugged

Finally, it would be useful to add a menu bar item and a button to open the Error window manually.

Hi @jordikt
thanks for the clarification. The warning that the log window takes considerable CPU resources is approx. 20 years old… today’s computers are an entirely different thing, and the implementation of the Log Window has improved, too (it’s running in a dedicated GUI thread, so displaying the log messages will not affect the translation engine). So I think I’ll just remove the warning.

…which is not a problem. It will cut off earlier messages eventually to prevent it from using more and more memory over time.

We also have a plan to add a ‘Performance Mode’. Once activated, MT Pro disables editing and anything that could interfere. Possibly, performance mode can be configurable and include options like ‘prevent computer sleep’, ‘prevent closing MT Pro’, and also ‘disable log window’. It’s probably a good idea to indicated performance mode in the tray/menubar icon.

Regarding error alerts, thank you for the ideas. I fully agree, and we already have a plan to overhaul the notification and error reporting system.

Yes, it’s time to remove this warning! :smiley:
After your explanation, the wish of this post has no sense. Thanks for the information.

Great to have this performance mode for next release version. If there is an ‘Editing mode’ and a ‘Performance mode’, it could make sense to assign the current icon to ‘Performance mode’ and highlight the current icon with a small red/orange dot for ‘Editing mode’ (I assume the recommended mode to run the app will be the ‘Performance mode’).

That sounds good. Yesterday I think that also would be useful for managing errors to adding ‘Press Panic button’ in the list of outgoing actions.

just to clarify: at this time, it is just a plan, not a definitive announcement and certainly not with a specific release date.