X-Touch (FULL) midi mapping

I'm putting together equipment to use with ETC EOS Nomad theater lighting console software. I have a MacBook Pro (2014) running 10.13 (High Sierra). I recently acquired a Behringer X-Touch Universal Control Surface (NOT the Compact or the Mini). Will MIDI Translator allow me to use the X-Touch as a control surface for the Nomad software? Other posts suggest this will work, but my setup may be a little different.

I know the X-Touch Compact will work for me, since it can be put in MIDI mode. The X-Touch Compact communicates with a program called Luminosus which maps the MIDI coming from the X-Touch Compact to controls within the Nomad software. This doesn't work with the full X-Touch out of the box because it doesn't have a plain MIDI mode - just MCU and HUI (I think). Does the Bome MIDI Translator convert MCU to regular MIDI that Luminosus can use? Is is bi-directional so I can utilize different pages of motorized faders?

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Yes, you can do this with Bome MIDI Translator Pro. You will need to know that Mackie MCU or HUI commands to use for conversion but it is quite acheivable if you know them.  You can also set up for 2-way communications so that if your software sends out CC (say to move a fader), it can translate back to the appropriate Mackie MCU or HUI command for the controller.  


I can provide a few examples here on this forum as free support if you would like. However for a fully built solution, this would require paid services which I can offer if you would like. If interested in a full solution, let me know via email. If you want just an example, then maybe what I should do is an example of 1 fader conversion.  I recommend Mackie MCU mode over HUI as Mackie MCU supports a master fader in addition to the 8 channel faders. 


In general you would set up Mackie MCU fader 1 with incoming trigger of raw MIDI E0 pp qq and outgoing message of B0 xx pp (where xx is the CC number you want to use and pp is a local variable which is just passed through from input to output). The variable qq is discarded on output

For the reverse (lighting software to X-touch) you would need incoming message of B0 xx pp (were xx is your controller number) and output of E0 pp pp. Back to the console.

Make sure your translators (or presets) are set up so that you pick the right input and output ports only for these messages (so that they don't go out unintentionaly to other MIDI ports that you do not want to send to.

I would recommend setting up aliases "From Mackie Application" and "To Mackie Application" and assign the Bome MIDI Translator Virtual Port 1. 

In your app, it will probably show as "BMT 1" instead of the full name but you can change that in the settings menu of MT Pro.

So the flow goes:

X-touch -> Bome MIDI Translator  Pro-> BMT 1 output

BMT 1 Input -> Bome MIDI Translator Pro -> X-touch

You can download the trial copy to make sure it is working as desired prior to purchase. It is fully functional but just times out after each 20 minutes of use where you have to re-start MT Pro if you want to continue testing.

Download link:




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Hello Steve.

i have the same problem like on top. could you please show an example with incoming and outcoming messages in midi translator. The messages from the X-Touch are shown in the software but on midi out is no action. an example would help me. Thanks so far

Hi and welcome to the community.

Please find the attached example where we take Fader 1 of the X-Touch (in Mackie MCU mode) and convert it to CC0 to the DAW. You will need to assign the aliases to the actual ports you are using.

X-Touch-Mackie-Fader 1 to CC 0 Example-2020-12-29.bmtp (863 Bytes)

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Hello Steve,

now it works. Where in midi translator have you defined the input (X-Touch mackie) ?

Now my next problem is the communication from my software back to the x-touch. In my own configuration the fader does not exactly was my fader in the software do. Have you an second example for that?
Thank you very much!

Best regards

Hello Steve again,

are there a list how the faders and buttons and rotary control are named for midi? You use E0 for fader 0.
Rotary control doesnt work. Thanks so far.

Here is the document, that I found that was most useful. Check out Chapter 13 (starting at page 105)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Hello Mark,

have you found a solution for the midi support of the behringer x-touch?