Xtouch compact which mode works with grandMa2


Bought an Behringer Xtouch compact and I'm trying to connect to grandMA2. (Remote imputs). I've done some presets with numark controllers it worked like a charm.

What's the point with xtouch? Which mode I should use? I've used some projects i've dw in the forum. MC mode works but always turn my faders down. Buttons worked ok. Should I use standard mode (not MC) will I have feedback in this mode?

Thank you!

I’m not sure it really matters which mode you use since you will be using MT Pro to convert faders to notes anyway. Natively, GrandMA2 does not provide MIDI feedback (although you may be able to script feedback in Lua). Probably easiest to use MT Pro to send MIDI feedback.

For either MC or normal mode, you will need to use MT Pro to send feedback to faders if you don’t want them jumping back down since they are motorized faders.


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