Yamaha DM2000 running 24 channel HUI on Ableton Live 10

I got this via email and thought it might interest other users so am posting here on the forum.

Hi I'm trying to use a Yamamha DM2000 mixer as a surface controller for Ableton Live 10. This DM2000 features a remote layer target specially design to run Pro Tools. It has 8 usb ports and I use ports #1, #2 and #3 (each port can control 8 channels) to run Pro Tools through a HUI type controller that I can select as an option in the Pro Tools midi controller configuration window. I can control 24 channels in Pro Tools with no problems. It doesn't have a predefined remote layer for Ableton, So I have to select a "General Daw" target remote layer they provide. I can't make Ableton work, when I try to map the stop button on the mixer's transport to Ableton's stop. This is what the stop button of the mixer puts out: 15:20:17.605 From Port1 Control 1 15 14
15:20:17.605 From Port1 Control 1 47 67
15:20:17.787 From Port1 Control 1 15 14
15:20:17.787 From Port1 Control 1 47 3 but Ableton reads it as "CC15"

The play button puts out:
15:32:37.471 From Port1 Control 1 15 14
15:32:37.471 From Port1 Control 1 47 68
15:32:37.633 From Port1 Control 1 15 14
15:32:37.633 From Port1 Control 1 47 4
but Ableton still reads it as "CC15" and it say "the selected controller conflicts with the previous mapping to Transport Stop.
Of course I want to get the whole mixer working, volume faders, mutes, solos, pans etc. but this is example of what it's doing.
I downloaded the Trail version of Bome Midi Translator Pro to see if I could change the outgoing midi message, but since I'm new at this I can't figure it out yet. Can you please help me with this?
I'll buy the full version of Bome Midi Translator Pro if it will work for me.

Thank you,


Yes, Pro-tools is doing Mackie HUI emulation which Ableton Live does not support. Are you attempting to map all of your controls to Ableton Live? If so, it might be best to set Ableton to Mackie MCU mode and then use the attached project file to map HUI to MCU which Ableton supports natively. I haven\'t fully tested the project because one of our other users posted it on our old forum.

I did make a few modifications to it however to make it easier for you.

I set up Aliases DM2000-1-HUI through DM2000-3-HUI to connect to your controller. Just assign them the proper as attached.

I set up Aliases Application-1-8, Application-9-16 and Application-17-24. Assign them to the virtual ports BMT 1 BMT 2 and BMT 3 respectively for Ableton Live. (BMT 1 = Bome Virtual Port 1 ..)

If you mess up on the assignments, you can always reassign aliases in the MIDI menu of Bome MIDI Translator.

In Ableton Live, set up the top section as shown below in the first attachment.

Then turn remote on on BMT 1, BMT 2 and BMT 3 as shown in the second attachment.

Then everything should look like a Mackie MCU control surface for Ableton Live while your DM2000 is in Mackie HUI mode. All faders, solo,pan, mute, transport, V-POTs etc should work and you will have a lot less mapping to do.