YetAnotherMIDIExpressionPedalController Question

Sorry. I've been working on this issue the last few weeks and then decided to bop over here and see someone has asked a similar question.

I didn't want to hijack the previous similar thread and my query is a bit more of a recommendation or hardware issue.

I need to inject MIDI data from a Foot Controller into the BomeBox, but I need a controller that sends MIDI data without being connected to a keyboard controller. Example: Yamaha FC7 needs to plug into a controller, keyboard, or other device to be translated into MIDI data. Note: My 'controller' for my rig is a synth that only allows me to route incoming Expression Pedals to the ModMatrix which do not have an option to send the data out as MIDI only. (And my hands are full already - need feet. Or I can flare my nostrils, but I haven't found a Nostril to MIDI controller yet)

I realise I can pick up something like MIDI Solutions devices, or a standalone MIDI Pedal like the one from BeatBars in Poland (or one of their converters), but I was wondering if there was another solution I was overlooking to inject that data directly into the BomeBox via existing USB Hub or (I think I have an available) MIDI DIN.

something something serial input or something?
Or might that be biting off more than I want to chew at this time (since I'm still sporting the lockdown weight with no lightening of the 'load' in sight! LOL)

Note: the aforementioned post regarding the Harley Benton controller is more hardware than I need (going FC7 -> Harley -> somewhere in my data connections where the Harley controller is 286 x 110 x 65 mm).

Note: Just asking this here for random recommendations from other users or if there's an option for getting data IN to the BomeBox I'm overlooking.


For about $80 USD you could get a Logidy UMI3. It handles expression pedal input.

Also for about  $90 you could get a Disaster Area Designs MIDI Baby or for $130 USD a MIDI Baby 3.

Both of these options are less expensive than the MIDI Solutions EP.


The FC-7 however has the wiper on the ring, while I believe both of the above solutions need the wiper on the Tip. However you could rig a couple of TRS cables back-to back and cross over the tip and the ring (or just switch and resolder the wires on the EXP pedal). I did a crossover to get my Hammond EXP-50 to work with my Korg PA900. As you can tell, I've done a lot of research on getting my expression pedals to work. 




Some expression pedals like the M-Audio and Nektar have a switch so you can use them either way.

Both the MIDI Baby's and the UMI 3 have USB output that would work with BomeBox and the MIDI Baby's also have DIN output.


Of course you could get a used FCB-1010 for around $100 USD which has 10 pedals x 10 banks plus 2 built in expression pedals. It is built like a tank, however quite heavy to carry around with you.   Personally, I like to use my Logidy UMI-3 as it is the least cost solution with the most functionality.

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I guess you could also rig up an Arduino to do this, CV in from the pedal and Serial out to BomeBox USB. The packaging just wouldn’t be as clean.

Thanks Steve!

I appreciate the input - I hadn't seen these devices listed on my searches yet.  THis is excellent info, thank you!
Oh my!  Loving that Disaster Area stuff! A tiny little box to do the conversion will fit on my rack shelf nicely and not be a clutter or another device to plug in. Brilliant!
This warrants deeper reading.


Appreciate the input, Steve!
As always: y'all rawk!

I don’t know if I’m up to Arduino from scratch.

The device would reside inside a rack case attached to a shelf, so ‘purty’ isn’t a concern. :slight_smile:

Hey Steve
Don't know what's the best way to post on this thread so you get notification without gumming up the works terribly.

Anyhoo - ended up getting the MIDI Baby from Disaster Area.
Thank you for the recommendation!

It was just delivered about 25minutes ago and I'm up and running with it already with a Yamaha FC7 and injecting data into my BomeBox via the USB Hub, which also powers it. Amazing. Just what I was looking for! Plus it's tiny tiny tiny and sits on a rack shelf with the BomeBox, USB Hub, a Kenton Thru box, and a 2x2 MIDI Interface.

There's more features on the MIDI Baby that are usable for BomeBoxers, including being about to send 16 different combinations of Channel, CC, Low Value, High Value, in addition to being able to be USB powered/data connected (DIN MIDI connection requires a standard guitar pedal type DC power connection, or something. I didn't think terribly far on that)

So, add this to the list of "Stuff That Works Awesome with BomeBox (that even an idiot can figure out)"! LOL

Hi Jim,

Yes, I tested with BomeBox and it works great. Right now I just have it set up to my Peaver Vipyr 1 amp (that takes MIDI DIN in with but I had to build a 5-7 pin adapter cable), to handle preset switching and Wah Wah Function with my expression pedal.

I also recently acquired a MIDI Baby 3 so with that I have 5 switches (3 on board and 2 external) plus an external expression pedal. I can just run that on a 9V battery or hook it up to BomeBox for power if I want to do something really interesting.

The MIDI Baby editor needs a bit of work though. It looks like there are some partially built features (undocumented), that are a bit confusing. The basic stuff seems to work though.

Next stop is to test a Blokas MIDI Hub that should arriving soon to test with BomeBox.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Yeah, the tutorial video mentions there are a few fields for future expansion. That’s okay. I just don’t like having to be on the interwebz to do something locally because: cranky old guy. heh

I’m staring at the SysEx right now tho.

I see MIDI Hub has added some features since I last took a look at it. It looks interesting, but alas: i’m still on a different quest! heh