Zoom In / Zoom Out in Ableton with a single Launchpad Pad

Hi, I would like to use the Zoom In (Keystroke:Z) and Zoom Out (Keystroke:X) in Ableton with just using one pad on the Launchpad. For example: When I hit the Launchpad pad for the first time it should Zoom In, when I hit the pad for the second time it should Zoom Out. Is this possible?


The following should do the trick.

There are 4 translators. Two with note-on and two with note-off using the same note value.

The first translator handles Z down (with repeat). As long as you are holding the key down, Z keeps repeating at the rate of key repeat of your OS.

The second translator releases the key Z

The first two translators only fire if the value of ga is 0 ( the startup default).

The second two translators do the same for X, however the last translator toggles the value of ga. So that the second key is only pressed if ga=1.

The key to this working  is the toggling the value of ga in the rules of last translor so that only one pair of translators fires depending on the keystroke you want. 


I hope this helps.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve, thank you very much for the fast reply. Your solution works perfect for me!

Glad to help!