Adobe Premier Lumetri

Hi, I may have cracked the code to gt Lumetri (At least white balance and tone settings) to work with MT Pro. See answer for my current solution. Looking for testers but setup is not for faint of heart.


OK, here is what I did. It should work on Windows using Injected keystrokes only (not on Mac)

In Adobe Premier I set up a new Workspace called Lumeti-Undocked

In that workspace, I undocked the Lumetri Color Panel completely and the expended the sections Tone and White Balance and Saved this Workspace. This way I can guarantee the locations of injected keystrokes.

I used my MIDI fighter twister to locate the text edit values for the first 3 parameters only (at this time).

White Balance – Temperature

White Balance – Tint

Tone – Exposure

When I move a knob the following events occurs

1 – I ensure a return is sent (in case it wasn’t done in the past) so that I can click on a given location for the text box for that parameter

2 -When turning a knob, I send injected mouse click to the calculate injected click location (within the Lumetri Color Window)

3 – After a delay, using the same knob, I can twist right or left to send injected keystrokes up or down to change the value of the parameter. The numeric value changes along with the slider.

4 – When I’m done, I press the knob to send a return to let Premier know I’m done with that parameter.

5) If I don’t press the knob, turning another programmed knob automatically sends return for me.


I did this using my MIDI Fighter twister which sends relative values 0x41 for right and 0x3F for left.

I’ll be playing around with it some more but if anyone wants to look at what I have so far and play with it, feel free.


Variable I use

ga – Set to 1 when one of the values is being adjusted using a knob. Set to 0 otherwise

gb =Set to the parameter currently being adjusted 1-3 (that I programmed so far). Otherwise 0. I use this to determine if I need to send another return if twisting a different knob. This way I don’t have to alway press a knob when I’m done. The translator looks to see if I started turning a new knob and send the return for me thereby letting me adjust a new parameter.

I’ll consider putting up a video if someone wants to see the demo of what I have so far.

This has been something people have been asking for some time. I think with a little thought and programming on Mac, I may be able to do something similar there using AppleScript instead of Windows injected keystroke.

This effort would be a paid engagement if someone wants a full solution.

Note, that you will need to set up Adobe Premier as I documented above for it to work correctly, otherwise, the panel and location of controls within the panel may not be in the right place.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



Note, at this point it is pretty much a work in progress. It may not work on your computer resolution or if you change the size of the Lumetri panel. Right now it is mostly just a proof of concept.
Here is a link to a short video of the Proof of Concept

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