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Hello Gentlemen,

As I lurked this thread as the thousands of others I have read on this subject, I realized I am in the presence of two people who might actually be able to help me solve the riddle of my desires. I have created an image that will loosely convey to you my thoughts. The basis is:

Main Desire: Pull all physical midi sources into one source. Use this source copied as many times as necessary to run all apps. Translate any conflicts as they come in using bome translator. Return values to devices for smooth operation.

Side desires: Make my whole operation usable by others via OSC bridge across tailscale. Use others operations in the same manner. Send my midi to my mac via TouchOSC in case I desire to use my things there.

I was previously using loopmidi and midi ox to swap channels of things. This was sort of working, but isnt scalable as it creates too many conflicts and the mapping for specifically the DJ deck uses a lot of different channels. I will use OSC messages to control arena for the most part, or any other place where OSC can be used easily, as it makes life easier in the MIDI world.

Please help! I cannot conceptualize how to route these desires, though I believe them to be fully possible with the software I have now.


Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

This is actually 3 requirements

  1. All MIDI inputs into 1 (merge MIDI)
  2. Copy output to multiple applications
  3. Translate MIDI

Bome MIDI Translator Pro can do all this. For number 2, you will be limited to 9 applications unless you also purchase ‘Unlimited Named MIDI Ports’

We don’t have anything for this but if you have an application that translated MIDI to OSC, then you will be all set. I’m not aware of the capabilities of the capabilities of the TouchOSC products.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hello Steve,

I greatly appreciate your response. After I made that post, I sat down and forced my brai to at least attempt the routing that I cant even adequatly explain… And I got your above suggestion with bome translator working! However, what I am attempting to do is I thin unneccesarily complex. I do not want to make it seem as though I believe you are AI - but I would normally ask GPT what they would do if they were me given the information presented thusfar.

As my operation has ballooned in complexity across a variety of aspects, I removed my concept of unified midi. I think I originally came up with the concept as I was frustrated with the lack of ability to create custom control and it seemed mastering midi was the only way to do that. Now that I found TouchOSC, I think that I can use a combination of bome, midiox and touch osc to accomplish my initial desires.

For anyone out there reading who is curious what I ended up doing:

DJ Deck: Hard commit to DJay Pro
Oxygen: Hard commit to Ableton
Akai: Bome into midi ox into loop midi>
Touch OSC on PC w/touch panel: TouchOSC virtual midi port>bome>midiox>loopmidi>
TouchOSC on iOS: desktop OSC bridge app ->bome>midiox>loopmidi

The key is that I can hobble along with this setup without incurring too much setup complexity cost. TouchOSC is able to fill any gaps, and if midi translation is too annoying in the moment or im unable to figure it out, often I can shuffle things around to instead send an OSC message or some other solution, now that I have so many available ways to fix problems.

Thank you for your time Steve, both in your response here and to the many posts I lurked where your replies were very helpful in my crash course : )