Batch processing

Is it possible in Bome Midi Translator pro to process the individual presets within a project with just one trigger impulse, like in batch processing?


The attached document should help. Here is how it works.

Preset 0 “Preset Management” handles the enabling and of other presets. It is set to be always active.
Preset 1 “Preset 1” will trigger a repeating timer “Preset Timer” 5 times upon activation
Translator 1.1 starts the timer
Translator 1.2 Sends a log message and decrements the value of ga which is iteration count.
Right now there is no outgoing action but you can create one
Preset 2 “Preset 2” will also trigger a a repeating timer “Preset Timer” 4 times upon activation however since preset 1 is deactivated, only timer actions under preset 2 execute.
Translator 2.1 starts the timer
Translators 2.1 through 2.5 execute in sequence but only of the them executes because we check for the iteration number and only execute if it matches.
Translator 2.6 decrement the value of ga which is used as the iteration count.

I have it set so all other presets are deactivated (except always active) when a given preset activates.
I also set delays for the timer so that you can control the timing of what happens.

I’m not 100% sure what you were asking so took a stab at two types of solutions.

Batch Preset-2023-01-30.bmtp (2.6 KB)

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Thanks Steve for the quick response and the sample document. I chose “Preset 2” and adapted it to my needs.

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Great, that would have been my guess for what you were looking for.

Steve Caldwell
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