Beatstep Pro, FCB1010 and Bitwig

Hi there!

I’ve been talking to SteveC over email about issues I had with my FCB1010 connected to the BSP in my main daw, Bitwig Studio.

Steve has generously sent me a translator file that solves my issues, which I’ve attached to this thread. My final problem now is that I want bitwig’s transport to be completely independent from the BSP’s transport. In other words, when I trigger play on the BSP, I don’t want bitwig’s timeline to also start playing. This is very important because I mean to use sequences on the BSP at specific times of a performance, pausing them when not necessary, and wish to record the performance straight from bitwig, so pausing and playing the daw transport would pretty much ruin the idea.

I’ve turned off all midi clock interactions I could on bitwig’s menu, even using BSP’s sync to internal didn’t sever the connection between their transports. I’ve tried it on ableton and it worked fine, both transports independent, but I’ve been developing this performance on bitwig so it would be a bit of a hassle to transpose all the tracks and devices from one daw to the other.

Would you know how I can make the transports completely independent?


FCB-1010-Arturia-Start-Stop.bmtp (2.2 KB)

Hi, thanks for this. Just to be clear this is how I think you want things connected

  • FCB-1010 to Beatstep Pro (Initial Configuration with translators
    Do you want all other signals to also go to Beatstep Pro from FCB-1010 or just those?

  • FCB-1010 to Bitwig. Do you want to exclude Start Stop and timing clock?

  • Bitwig to Beatstep Pro (except for Start, Stop and timing clock?)

  • Beatstep Pro to Bitwig (except for Start. Stop and timing clock?)

Anything else?

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I’m taking a guess on what you want.

First of all, I set everything up as aliases. This will make the project easier to maintain as configurations change. You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

Secondly, you had doubled the output to Bome MIDI Translator Virtual 1
There is an auto alias for backward compatibility where Bome Virtual Port 1 actually is the same as Bome MIDI Translator Virtual 1 Out. This is true for all Bome virtual ports.


So I updated through MIDI Thru paths as shown below using aliases:


Then I added 3 presets, each preset has it’s own routing but with the same translators. That way be enabling or disabling them you can turn on and off the blocking translators within each route.

You can learn more about device selection in this tutorial.
Here is the routing for Preset 1:

There are blocking translators within each of the new presets. The first one has Start as input with None as output. The second has Stop as input with None as output and the third has Timing Clock as input with None as output. Since each translator has the ‘Swallow’ option set, these signals will not pass through the default MIDI through paths.

And here is the project file.

FCB-1010-Arturia-Start-Stop-sjc (1).bmtp (4.0 KB)

Make sure you set up your aliases to the right ports before you try it.

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Apart from play/stop I’d also like to send PC messages to control the number of the sequence in the drum channel, midi channel 10. Apart from that that’s it!

In the project I posted, I only block Start, Stop and Timing clock. All other messages should get through. Let me know if this is not the case.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks a lot for the updated patch and videos! I’m a little confused about which ports to set for the aliases however.

For midi ins, if I’m not mistaken, Beatstep Pro should be the Bome Translator Virtual Midi 1 because it will relay the messages sent by the BSP, which can’t be opened otherwise in bitwig since it’s already being used in Bome and FCB1010 should be my sound interface, to which my FCB1010 is plugged;
Now, Bitwig should be a different virtual Midi Port? I believe you made it so in your screenshot but I don’t think I’m sure about what it represents.
Same thing for both midi outs, I suppose Beatstep Pro should be BMT 1 out, but what about Bitwig?

Thanks a lot for your attention

Hi, run everything through Bome MIDI Translator.

Beatstep Pro - Select the actual devices both in and out
Bitwig - Select Bome MIDI Translator 1 both in and out
FCB-1010 - Select the actual device

In Bitwig, instead of Beatstep Pro, select Bome MIDI Translator 1 (or BMT 1 if it shows short names).

I have set up MIDI through paths for each through Bome MIDI Translator so that we can block the unwanted messages from getting through and allow everything else.

Steve Caldwell
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Bitwig transport is still being affected unfortunately.

Using the latest project you sent, with all translators checked, and the Ins/Outs for each are:

Start-Stop: Fcb1010 / Beatstep Pro
Block Beatstep Pro to Bitwig: Beatstep Pro / Bitwig
Block Bitwig to Beatstep Pro: Bitwig / Beatstep Pro
Block FCB-1010 to Bitwig: FCB1010 / Bitwig

Notes are coming in bitwig just fine, however transport continues to be affected. Could there be another setting that makes the blocked messages come through? I’ve also made sure to disable external syncing in bitwig’s settings.

Please show me what you see in your log window for MIDI IN , MIDI OUT, Incoming and Outgoing when sending start and start messages.

Also please take a screenshot of your alias setup.

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(note: I changed start and stop notes to midi 0 and 1, as you had used previously, in order to create a new fcb patch with the PCs on remaining slots)




OK, so it looks like something is sending MMC message that need to be blocked.
The version I sent you that you said worked used simple MIDI Stop messages.

You will need to set up additional blocking translators as follows:

Incoming: Raw MIDI : F0 7F 7F 06 pp F7
Outgoing: Note
Option Swallow On.

The pp is a local ‘through away’ variable that can be any value. This sets up an incoming pattern to block. All incoming messages with this pattern will be blocked.

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It works!! Steve you are an absolute life saver. Thank you so much for taking the time and helping me out, you’re fantastic and so is this software. You’ve saved my performance.


Glad to help!

Steve Caldwell
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