Big visual indicator for MIDI events generated by Midi Translator Pro

to complement a Behringer FCB 1010 pedal board I am looking for a big visual indicator that I can clearly see on my laptop screen during looping events. This visual indicator would get its MIDI events from Midi Translator Pro. I do not need anything more than a virtual light bulb showing different colours (red, yellow, green), like a traffic light.
It sounds easy, right? I have spent hours searching the web and could not find anything that really does this simple job. Maybe some of you would have suggestions?

Please note my constraint : the “visual indicator” must be a software that runs on a laptop with Windows 10. No app for smartphone or tablet, and no hardware control suface. I would also prefer a solution that is 100% MIDI and does not need any access to the audio driver. As far as I have unterstood, a VST plug-in would require an access to the audio driver, therefore I would have to move my whole set-up into a VST host : not ideal in my case but still better than nothing.

Thanks for reading. Suggestions are welcome,

I’m not aware of such a tool for Windows.

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Hi @Darius , it’s a nice suggestion for MIDI Translator Pro (or as standalone tool). We already have the following ideas for an outgoing action in MT Pro:

  1. display a text overlay (OSD – freely defined text, including value of variables). Location and text size can be defined. See here: FEATURE SUGGESTION: MTP Monitor Panel

  2. Display an image at a defined location on screen. By replacing the image to be shown, it’ll be easy to implement a traffic light style indicator.

What would be your favorite?

Hi @FlorianBome, I think that both suggestions would match my need

  1. A text as On-Screen-Display: I would use the font “Segoe UI Emoji” (part of Windows 8/10/11) that has the necessary geometrical shapes
  2. An image would be fine also, with endless possibilities.
    It would be good to be able to set the dimensions of this “display area”. Some users might prefer a long horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen, others a large rectangle on the right half of their screen… all depending on the application that should remain visible in the background.
    Thanks for listening to your customers :slight_smile:

I know its prob a long way out but i know eg gig performer is apparently now via api to host pure data
That would be my ideal…just sketch it up graphically with required widgets/graphics and then hook the directives into mtp.
Just a thought and i know its not as simple as that but…