BMT with Allen & Heath ZED-R16 and Pro Tools 10


I can't seem to get BMT to work with Pro Tools 10 and my Allen and Heath board.

I downloaded the BMT templates and followed the instructions but no luck. I know the board is sending midi because it works with the Allen and Heath software, but not to a usable degree really. Anyone had any luck?


Hi, can you provide more specifics with where you are. Maybe post your project file with a few things that you tried that are not working. I’ll be happy to help.

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I’m using pro tools 10 with an allen and heath zed 16r board/interface. my OS is mac OS 10.7.5. Allen and Heath suggests using BMT but also has their own software called DAW control. So far DAW control works, but lacks functions, like transport control etc.



Also, someone on a forum posted this file. Doesn’t work either.


btw, the first attachment is a template from allen and heath, i may have modified it a bit per their set up notes on the allen and heath website.

Could you show me a screen shot of how you have Pro-tools MIDI set up? You should have 3 input devices defined, all as HUI devices. BMT1 will handle the first 8 faders, BMT2 the second 8 and BMT3 for the final 4 faders. (I’m looking at the project file from A&H which I found shortly after my first response.
I assume you have set up all 3 ports as HUI Devices.
Maybe also you can turn on logging in MT Pro (check MIDI In and MIDI out ) and move a few faders to see what is happening.

Logging is working, fader moves are showing up. yes, PT is set up with 3 ports, all HUI, 8 channels each.

So you see outgoing to Pro-Tools but Pro-Tools is not responding to fader movement?

midi out seems to be a red light. is that bad?

it’s blinking

midi out in event monitor is blinking red constantly .. midi in is blinking green when i make a move.

Hi Blinking lights won’t tell me anything. Need to see the actual log of what is happening showing the MIDI messages.

the monitor is active when i make moves



OK this is only HUI heartbeat which MT Pro is sending to Pro-tools at 900ms intervals to let Pro-tools knows the controller is “alive” What does it show when you actually move a fader? Have you set your MIDI in device correctly as your A&H? Does the incoming A&H port show as open?

Is this correct?


Here’s some shots when I move the first fader


I should also let you know that the HUI is working with the Allen and Heath DAW software, which really is just the 16 faders, not the other midi switches.

Your A&H is sending on MIDI channel 1 and the Bome project file expect channel 16.

That is why it is not working.

Did you get it working, Andy?

Still no luck. I first switch the DAW control (allen and heath) software to channel 16, then opened BMT, still nothing.

I initially switched the DAW control to channel 1 or 2 because that’s the only way PT would react to the software.