Bome Network: Switch different Configurations

Currently, Bome Network (version 1.4.2) does not allow creating different configurations or presets, and switch them as needed.

However, there is an (advanced) trick (which works with all our software):

  1. in Windows Explorer, go into C:\Program Files (x86)\Bome Network
    (macOS users, use Finder to go to Applications)

  2. Copy, then paste BomeNet.exe (Windows may not show the .exe part)
    (macOS users, copy + paste Bome Network)

  3. Rename the resulting BomeNet - Copy.exe to match your secondary configuration, e.g. Bome Network Studio.exe

  4. You can pin this second Bome Network instance to the start menu, create a shortcut on the desktop etc. as you like.

  5. This secondary instance will use its own settings. Once configured, it will always use these settings. The first (normal) instance will keep on using its normal settings.

There’s only one thing to remember: you cannot run two instances of Bome Network at the same time. Starting the second instance while the first is still running will just show the first instance. You need to close a running Bome Network instance before starting another. You do that by right-clicking on the Bome Network icon in the system tray / menubar, and choose Exit.

You can create as many instances as you like.

And another caveat: when you’re updating Bome Network, you will need to manually update all your secondary instances following the same scheme.

Note, I could probably create an Autohotkey script that can handle this on Windows platform. This would be a paid service however so it may be best to wait until this feature comes out natively.

I would have it follow the method that I outlined in my earlier post. I’ve thought of doing it for myself but I really don’t change configurations often enough to develop the application.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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