BomeBox editor (Midi Translator Pro equivalent via web browser)


Any plans on adding a full midi translator editor to BomeBox? So that projects would be either directly editable via a web config page, or via an editor software running on computer but connecting directly to BomeBox. (separate from MTP)

A web-based solution would enable BomeBox users running other than Mac OS / Windows based systems to edit their projects too. (as the guy in previous post running rasberry pi.) Of course I don’t mind if this would require owning the BMTP licence.

I’m running both BomeBox and BMTP on Mac simultaneously, and I would love being able to edit BomeBox projects without closing my MTP project first, opening the BB project, uploading to BB, closing that project on MTP and opening my Mac MTP project again.

…but of course OSC and multiple midi-steams to BomeBox first. :wink:



Thanks for your question!

I’m not aware of any plans to develop an MT Editor for BomeBox directly using a Web interface on a computer. As you know the current process is to develop using a computer running MT Pro then once working on the computer, upload to a BomeBox and then adjust the aliases as needed.

I know there are plans for both multiple mid-streams and OSC on BomeBox but no definitive timelines.

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