BomeBox + mioXM with Remote Direct MIDI ports

High Steve,

I got my bomebox today and already made one test routing from the attached MioXM to the Mac. Works well as expected (disabled the autorouting for that and made one routing configuration)
Now my MAC do only see one network connection to the bomebox and how can I patch to the dedicated Ports (as they are now hidden insight the network port). Assuming I have attached some Synthesizers to the MioXM. But from the Mac site I can address only the network port. I do miss the capability to connect the different ports insight my DAW…
Any ideas are highly appreciated


You will need to load the 1.5 Firmware on your BomeBox (currently in beta test) which has support for Remote Direct MIDI. You will also need to use Bome Network 1.3.5. or later (also currently in public beta test) on your Mac.

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Thx, i will give it a Try. It seems that this Version is Not available via the download section of your Website…

Hi, I’ll send you the beta firmware via email.

Dear Florian,

Thx for the beta sources. I did install the beta versions for the bomeBox and the network Tool.

But I did not find any documentation how to get this remote midi capabilities.

I do need access from my Mac to different USB ports of the Bome box (on which I have added an iconnectivity MioXM to extend the USB ports)

At the moment I have only one network connection to the MAC and all USB ports (which I have routed)are using this one network connection.

How can I achieve to see all Ports of the BomeBox (and there especially the Ports I added through the MIO XM)

Any hints are highly appreciated

Best regards

here are step-by-step instructions for accessing Remote Direct MIDI ports:

  1. open the Bome Network tool
  2. Make sure that your BomeBox appears in the list
  3. If is not connected, click on the green Connect button
  4. Confirm the pairing on the BomeBox by pressing the PAIR button
  5. Now in Bome Network, click on the BomeBox entry. In this example, BomeBox2:

  1. Then you will see this screen:

  1. In the Remote Direct MIDI section, you’ll see all MIDI ports connected to your BomeBox.
  2. For any port which you want to access directly from your computer, slide the switch.
  3. Now those ports will appear like this in other MIDI applications:

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I think I do have to buy first an additional license called “Unlimited Named MIDI Ports”, don’t? Or this Pro Version for the network tool

I’m not sure, I think it is free on the Beta version but I’m not sure if the Remote Direct MIDI ports feature is tied to unlimited virtual ports. I don’t think it is.

@FlorianBome ?

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First I do not see this Bome configuration option you mentioned above.
When I installed Bome network, I do get the icon an I can open it with show. there I can see the option to add new virtual Midi channel.
Unfortunately I can not add additional virtual Ports. As it ask me for the license and even when I add my new license Information I got in this moment, it is not accepted say that the license is not ok

What version of Bome Network are you running? If you are being asked for the license key, see if it is shown on your products page on the Bome Web Site under “My Account” then Products. You will need to login.

@florianbome , could you please assist here. I’m not sure if he has the necessary licenses to proceed.

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After buying this unlimited option, I did get the acces to add virtual midi channels, which I can see in the OS as well.
But now I have set routes I do assume - not now, it is time to go to bed…

OK, I really think Unlimited Named MIDI ports is different than Remote Direct MIDI ports. I will check and let you know.

Hi, these are different features of Bome Network. I apologize for the lack of documentation or tutorials. It’s pre-release software at this time. We will provide documentation soon.

1. Bome Network Pro
This is an add-on to Bome Network which allows you to run MIDI from a computer to a computer. Without this add-on, Bome Network only works from computer to BomeBox(es).
A license for Bome Network Pro is not required for accessing BomeBoxes.

2. Unlimited Named MIDI Ports
(New in v1.3 – currently in public beta test). This is an add-on which allows you to create virtual MIDI ports and route them to and from other virtual MIDI ports, network MIDI ports, and physical MIDI devices. This is very similar to the IAC ports in MacOS or loopback MIDI ports on Window. But it allows you very fine grained MIDI routing, and free naming of these virtual ports.
A license for Unlimited Named MIDI Ports is not required for accessing BomeBoxes.

3. Remote Direct MIDI
This new feature in Bome Network v1.3 allows you to directly access all MIDI ports of a remotely connected BomeBox. You need BomeBox firmware v1.5 or later for that (currently in closed beta test), but you do not need to purchase a license for that. Only if you want to use Remote Direct MIDI ports on other computers, you need a license of Bome Network Pro.
Using Remote Direct MIDI with BomeBoxes is free of charge.

I hope this clears things up. I’ve also improved the instructions above for setting up Remote Direct MIDI ports.

Fast response: all is working as you did described. The Trick had been: A reboot of the Mac (or in my case, a Powerdown of the Mac, an extended Good Night, a Good breakfast, powering the Mac on and Now i do see the Windows Steve menioned…
And its this easy, enableing the ports and automaically they are shown by the OS.
Thx a lot for your patience!
Now i have all ready to make tests…

Thx for the clarification. I know now that there had been no reason to buy additional licences for my scenario. Anyway i will keep them with a good feeling to support you. Perhaps i will Need them later for other scenarios.
Im am a huge Fan of bome :star_struck:

Thanks a lot! We did offer to reimburse you via email, but we accept your support, too :wink:
Happy it’s working now!