BomeBox WiFi Channel Selection

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One last question (for the moment…): Is there a way to set the WiFi channel(s) of the BomeBox? I’m using the Qupac live, so there are also three wireless microphone sets on the 2.4GHz band. All three show medium to high RF squelch with WiFi on the BomeBox on; they’re on channel 7, 11 and 14. I could can these channels, but to me it seems as if the BomeBox sends on many channels…

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Hi, I moved this to a new topic since it was different than the original.

I believe this could be done in advanced settings so maybe make a backup of your BomeBox before trying this.

  1. On BomeBox goto ‘Settings’
  2. Click on ‘Advanced Configuration’ at the bottom.
  3. Click on ‘I know what I am doing, let me in’.
  4. Under Wireless click on the SSID
  5. You will then see something like this.

  1. Select the channel you want
  2. Then click save and apply.

I have never tested this feature so good luck! Again, please make a backup of your configuration first. Note that BomeBox only operates at the 2.4G band so maybe you should consider getting mics configured at 5G band in the future if you still have interference.

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Hi Steve,

so then it’s time to give some experiences back:

  1. In ‘Device Configuration’ you should not switch the mode from ‘N’ to ‘legacy’. If you do so, you’d need to make a reset to factory defaults via USB - I’ve tried that :wink:
  2. At least for those LINE6 wireless systems it worked great to set to channel 11 at the BomeBox. The receiver have a channel scan option, to it’s easy to find out the channels that are the least affected. The result is that before switching the channel from ‘Auto’ (default) to 11 I’ve had up to 4 from 5 RF-LEDs on the receivers lighting up most of the time. Afterwards it ranges from 0 to 2 LEDs, so a lot better. I could even reduce the Transmit Power if I don’t walk away to far from the BomeBox with my iPad. BTW in Germany the Transmit Power is limited to 20mW.

I hope this reply helps you to answer other customers with detailed questions :wink:

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Is this on the BomeBox?

Yes, under ‘Device Configuration’ left from the Channel setting you’ve opened in your screenshot above.

OK, I didn’t try changing that so now I know it won’t work.