Changing Scale/Key on TASCAM TA-1VP


I just found your product and it looks amazing-- you guys are geniuses! I have a quick question about the functionality.

I just purchased a TASCAM TA-1VP-- it is a hardware vocal processor with Antares Auto-Tune and some midi capabilities. Unfortunately, after I purchased it I realized it does not support changing the Auto-Tune key signature/scale via midi CCs. So frustrating, as that was a feature I was really looking forward to utilizing.

Basically I’d like to send midi messages from the computer we use on stage to the TA-1VP telling it what key each song is in as we’re about to play it.

It is possible to do this using the TA-1VP’s interface/buttons.

Using your product, do you think it could be possible to “listen” to the information those buttons send to the unit so I can intercept it and later map it to a PC or CC and translate it?

Does that make sense? I saw that you can emulate keystrokes on a computer so I’m wondering if I could basically do the same thing but with button presses on the TA-1VP.

I know the TA-1VP also allows you to send MIDI sysex files to import lots of settings at once. I’m also looking at using that feature as an option to change key.

Let me know if you need more info from me. I appreciate any help/guidance you can provide.

Hi, thanks for posting and welcome to the Bome community!

If we can figure out what MIDI messages that are required to change the skale/key then we can likely translate from CC to the required messages. I did a quick lookup on the manual and didn’t see any MIDI specs for how to do this so we would need to find the documentation are you might have to experiment what MIDI messages are sent out on the VP when you switch scale/key and then do a bit of reverse engineering.

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Thanks so much for the super quick response, Steve!

The tricky thing is that I don’t know what MIDI messages are required to change the scale/key because it’s not listed in the manual as something you can do. You can see all of the info they include about MIDI on pages 22, 23, and 24 on the manual:

To your last point: yes I was basically wondering if it would be possible to do some reverse engineering to make this happen. Do you know if I can use your product to “listen to” or “spy on” the data being sent when I press buttons on the TA-1VP?

Thanks again!

Yes, in Bome MIDI Translator Pro just open the MIDI log Window after selecting your tascam device as your input port and check MIDI-IN.

Then moving knobs or buttons on your device should show what it is sending (if it is sending anything).

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Hi there, did you find something to make that Key Change work in the End?Working on a similar projekt. MIDI Track is supposed to change key and swich auto tune on off on a tascam TA 1VP.
Would be great if you could share your findings here…

Hi @till , Welcome to the community.

No @logan.venderlic never got back to us on what his device is sending so without an actual device and seeing what it is sending, there is no chance of reverse engineering.

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Hi @till, I did actually end up finding a solution for this. You can use regular Program Change messages to switch through the TA 1VP presets. So, you can create a different preset for each key/scale that you need and then select that preset via midi PC messages.

I know that’s not as precise as actually changing the key/scale directly but I never found a solution for that. Changing presets seemed like the best option.

I also ended up returning my TA 1VP because I kept having issues with intermittent clicks and pops that seemed to be related to the Auto-Tune…I tried lots of different things but still got some clicks and pops. I’m going with the computer/software route now.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Logan

Thanks for the reply, appreciate it!

I thought so myself - changing presets is the way to go.
Not a issue for me, could even be a good thing as a backup, manually changing presets.

I have been going down the software route and that did not work out for me :slight_smile: —> latency, software glitches, dependence on macbooks usb ports and various things related to that led me to choose a hardware path instead…

Am about to receive my Tascam in a few days, wonder if i encounter the same problems…
Will then proceed to turn our ableton multitrack session in a u24 session with a midi track to sync the tascam.

(I’m live sound engineering a Rap Artist with backing tracks and a live drummer, with a lead autotune vocal in some parts.)

Thanks so much for the info,


@till yea for sure! Best of luck, that sounds fun. We use the Cymatic LP-16-- so a very similar approach.

Holler if you end up having any other questions. And if you do, please tag my username with the @ sign-- that way I’ll get an email notification (as I don’t always check this forum).