Changing the WiFi Network

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I took my equipment with me and at the destination I have access to another WiFi Router.
The URL does not react anymore, but it’s exactly this I need to change the WiFi address. How should I proceed?
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If you have access to ethernet, plug your BomeBox into the ethernet port as by default it is a DHCP client. Then you should be able to access the WiFi settings of your BomeBox via ethernet to change them.

If you want your BomeBox to use the WiFi settings of your current router. You would set it up as a WiFi client with the same SSID as you use for your current router. Then you can restart you BomeBox and you will be on the same network. At this point you can unplug your ethernet cable.

If you have no way to access your BomeBox via either WiFi or ethernet, you can do a ‘Network Reset’ using a thumb drive as described on page 28 of the BomeBox Instructions

After a network reset you can connect via WiFi to your BomeBox at address

– From the instructions
Steps to do the Network reset:

  1. Prepare a USB thumb drive to reset the network settings: it must be FAT formatted, and not exceed 16GB in size.
  2. Copy an arbitrary text file to the root folder of the thumb drive, and rename it to: 0012345678_reset_network.txt Replace 0012345678 with the serial number of that BomeBox, as printed on the sticker at the bottom.
  3. Attach that prepared thumb drive to the USB host connector of the BomeBox and power it up.
  4. During the power-up process, Ethernet and WiFi are reset to factory defaults. As a confirmation, the Power LED will temporarily go off for one second. You may need to start up the BomeBox a second time (by unplugging power, and replugging it) to make it effective.
    5.After the Network Reset, Ethernet is set up as Client, and WiFi is configured as HotSpot with no password.
  5. Don’t forget to unplug the thumb drive when done.

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Ok thank you Steve, I’ve done that before when my BomeBox didn’t react anymore. Is there a simpler way when a iPad is available?

If you have your BomeBox set up as a hotspot then you can get to it with the SSID that it is transmitting but you would need to know its IP Address. You could also purchase a lightning to ethernet dongle and connect to it that way to your BomeBox and get to it that way. Other than that, the network reset is the way to go.

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I have reset the network by means of a FAT32 formatted 4 GB USB Stick with the 0003085596_reset_network.txt file in the root folder. The Power LED, after blinking a certain time, went off for 2 seconds before being steady as it should. I then turned the BomeBox off, disconneted the USB stick, and turned it on again. The WiFi LED light is on for 2 seconds, then vanishes and the power LED blinks and eventually gets steady. The WiFi LED will first blink and then light steady only when I press the WiFi button. Now on my laptop connected to the same WiFi, the address is not reachable (timed out). The URL shows ‘BomeBox Web Config Loading …’ and then hangs. What could possibly be wrong?

Hi, please try clearing your browser cache or going to private browsing.

Your laptop should be configured for DHCP and not a fixed IP addres and then you should connect to the SSID of your BomeBox. It should not be connected to ethernet.

Let me know if this helps!

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Not meaning to interject in your dialog, yet, did you by any chance hit the ‘Pair’ button during the Reset process as stated in the instructions? I did not see you mention it during your power-up (for a reset) outline.

“Additionally, during start-up with the USB thumb drive plugged into the
BomeBox, both the Power LED and Pair LED will blink for 10 seconds.
The factory reset will be executed by pressing the Pair button now . If you
don’t press the Pair button, start-up of the BomeBox will proceed normally.”

I had run into this issue before and I did not properly time my Pair button during the process. Best of luck!



Thanks for interjecting, however I think he was not looking for a factory reset, just a network reset.

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Ooops! Thanks for the clarification Steve!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t help. I have verified that DHCP is activated, used the incognito mode and cleaned the browser, which caused that I don’t get the message ‘BomeBox Web Config Loading …’ anymore. Do I have to have IPv6 connectivity? It seems that I only have IPv4 connectivity with the Broadcom Router here in this holiday site. I have a strong signal however,.

Hi, you don’t want to connect to your Broadcom router when access BomeBox via WiFi. Instead, you need to connect to the SSID with the name of the BomeBox, at least until you can update the network configuration. Then you should be able to get to the default IP address on WiFi.

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When I select the BomeBox in the WiFi Connections, it says “connected” but it has an exclamation mark and says “not identified network”. I still cannot access the URL’s. The only thing that changed is that I can open the BomeBox Network App but this does not help a lot I guess.

Are you connecting with iPad or iPhone? If you press the world icon there, then it will open up your BomeBox web page in a browser. And I think I gave you the wrong default address. It is

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This URL is not working either and I have no World Symbol in my Network App.

I’m giving upon this now and enjoy my holidays without my musical setup.

If you get a chance, take a notebook, a BomeBox and an USB stick to a public place with free internet and try to setup your BomeBox.

OK, I must be missing something here. I’m sorry it is not working for you! What are you trying to do? If just connecting to BomeBox and not to internet, you should not need a router at all. The BomeBox should be all you need and after a network reset, you should be able to use the SSID of the BomeBox to connect to ONLY. But not also the local router.

If you want to connect to both BomeBox and internet through a router, you cannot do it via WiFi only as they will be on totally different networks.

Once you do a network reset and connect to your BomeBox SSID only. You should be able to get into BomeBox and configure the wireless as a DHCP client with your local network WiFi ID and password. Then your BomeBox will just act like another computer to your existing router and you can connect to both because they will be on your main router’s network. I’ve done this a million times so maybe the issue here is my poor instructions.

Configuration 1 - Just BomeBox

  1. Network Reset
  2. Connect to BomeBox as a Hotspot wirelessly using it’s SSID and the default IP address. No internet connectivity.

Then for internet

  1. Log into BomeBox via the connection established above.
  2. Set up WiFi as DHCP client to your local router.
  3. Restart BomeBox
  4. Connect to your local router using it’s SSID
    Now all devices will be on the same network and you should be able to connect to both internet and BomeBox at the same time.

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We don’t recommend connecting the BomeBox to an Internet router (especially not a public one). Instead, use the BomeBox as WiFi router (default setting: WiFi configured as Hotspot).

Maybe these tutorials will get you connected:

  1. Tutorial: Initial BomeBox Setup using a Mobile Device
    It explains how to start the BomeBox WiFi and then use Bome Network on an iPhone or iPad to connect to that BomeBox hotspot, and go into the BomeBox web config.

  2. Tutorial: Initial BomeBox Setup using Bome Network on a Computer
    This tutorial assumes a wired Ethernet connection between BomeBox and computer, but it works the same if you have connected your computer’s WiFi to the BomeBox hotspot (as shown in the previous tutorial). Then it shows how to use Bome Network on a computer to get into the BomeBox web config.

And please note: the correct IP address for the web config when connecting to the BomeBox Hotspot is But when using Bome Network, you will not need to enter IP addresses.

Enjoy your holidays! but when you try again to set up the BomeBox, we’d love to hear back from you.

Oh crap, my mistake. I kept giving him the wrong default IP address. That is likely the problem.

The BomeBox should be behind the local router on the local LAN. Yes, there is a risk that others might try to hack in but only those on the local LAN since the router he connects to should handle NAT translation for both BomeBox and his computer (or iPad).

Thanks for chiming in, Florian!

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I tried to connect with mobile device before, and I told you that upon selecting the BomeBox as Hotspot, it is selected but it says “No internet connection”, then after a while my iPhone tries again to connect saying “unsecured network”, but soon goes back to the previous message. The WLAN symbol is not shown on top of the iPhone screen.

Hi, both messages by iOS are not functional errors:

That’s correct and intended. In the default HotSpot mode, the BomeBox does not provide access to the Internet via WiFi.

That’s also accurate, because by default, the BomeBox WiFi Hotspot works without a password (the Tutorial shows that, too).
NB: If you’re using BomeBox WiFi in production, you should set a password in the BomeBox web config.

This is a ‘feature’ of iOS. But it does not mean that you’re not connected to the BomeBox Hotspot.
It just takes some time, and/or actually using the WiFi so that the iPhone shows the WiFi symbol. Also in the Tutorial, you can see that the symbol is only shown after starting Safari.

Note: you can follow the tutorial directly, or, after selecting the BomeBox Hotspot in the iPhone Settings, start the Bome Network app and see the BomeBox appear there. Then, clicking the world icon will open Safari for you with the Web Config without the need to enter that IP address.

PS: your experience with the BomeBox Hotspot is very helpful. We’ll improve the documentation and the tutorials with the hint that none of ‘no Internet connection’, ‘unsecured network’, and ‘no WiFi symbol’ mean that you cannot go into the web config.

Florian, what you say is certainly true and I also think that these messages do not mean a lot. However, the main problem is that the world symbol is not showing up, or, which is the same thing, the URL is not reachable. You can be assured that I have done everything according to the tutorials. Do I need to do a factory reset?