Click and Drag (L/R) on wheel movement (non-Midi input)_Loupedeck+ Davinci Resolve

Hello Bome Forum,

It’s been sometime since I’ve had to reprogram new features using this software and have forgotten much of the know-how needed to describe my question, but I’ll do my best with references.

In short, I’m trying to accomplish what we accomplished in this post, but instead of a midi signal from a knob… Use a wheel that has 2 Control Change Values: 1 for down, 1 for up. Raw Midi signal pictured here.


Here is a picture of the input device ‘wheel’ from the Loupedeck+ to help illustrate the difference from the original post. This input ‘clicks’ as opposed to the relative knobs. It also spins continuously up and down.

Many thanks in advance to help me identify any solutions or help with tightening my terminology to solve.

Hi and welcome back!

It looks like this is a relative encoder. Please review to this tutorial for help and then come back here if you need further assistance.

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Thanks for the link Steve. That does help me to identify the midi signal coming from the Loupedeck+ wheel as a ‘2’s Complement encoder’ with a positive value of 1 and a negative value of 127.

The change for me comes when I attempt to capture the actual incoming midi message. As you do in the tutorial e.g. B0 00 01. For these wheels there is no hexadecimal midi message.

As a result of not being able to capture the midi message and change it to a variable to include in the bit of code from our previous example with the knob controller.

I’m not sure if this means these wheels aren’t relative encoders, seeming to mimic more clicked button presses than a midi controller.

Thanks again for your help with pointing me in the right direction.

Yeah, it would need to send either MIDI message or some sort of keystroke to get Bome MIDI Translator Pro to recognize and do something with it. If it sends a keystroke, the original keystroke would not be suppressed, however.

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As best I understand this case:

"ch. 1 [Loupedeck+] with CC#:17 (0x11) [the red wheel via LUM bank input] and value:127 (0x7F) [down “negative” turn of red wheel]

This constitutes a unique Midi Message identifier which I can map to a keyboard keystroke without issue. The wheel’s midi message just doesn’t come with an accompanying hexadecimal code I can apply a variable to. As is the case with the knob inputs from our 2.22’ forum conversation and in your above referenced tutorial.

I suppose my next question is can I take the above Midi Message input and map it to a repeated click and drag mouse movement? Perhaps using a similar, augmented version of the repeat step/delay from 22’, but without employing the use of variables in a hexadecimal input.

Hi you can view the input in Hexadecimal format by clicking
the gear icon to the right of Capture MIDI and make it ‘Raw Capture’ .


The attached does the same thing as the original posting but with CC 17 on MIDI CH 1 B0 11 qq

I just change the math to represent the distance I want to move in translator 0.2 using values to represent 1 and up from right turn and 127 and down for left turn.

if qq>64 then rr=128-qq
if qq>64 then rr=rr*-1
if qq<64 then rr=qq

mouse-click-and-drag-relative-0–127-2024-04-26.bmtp (3.6 KB)

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Oh wow, I completely forgot about the gear icon for raw midi input capture.

First, whatever change you made works beautifully. I’ll let you know if I have any issues replicating it across all of the other wheels / banks, but your edit should enable me to continue to evolve this setup saving me the cost of native Black Magic hardware. As nice as that would be.

I attempted to edit a preset that was preexisting in my project from the 22’ post. For some reason this only allowed 1 direction of click / drag. It’s beyond me as to why.

Thanks to you I’ll be able to implement without further troubleshooting.

Thanks again Steve.

*1 follow up question: Is there anything preventing me from placing seven of these sets of translators into a single Preset (for the sake of organization)?

The main thing is to make sure that you use different global variables for each set. They cannot be shared between the groups of translators whether in the same preset or another preset.

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